Professor Blackstone featured in Population Connection E-Magazine

Professor Amy Blackstone was interviewed for an article in the September 2018 issue of Population Connection. See pages 22-25 for the article Professor Amy Blackstone Is {Not} Having a Baby! She is Interviewed by Lee S. Polansky.


Amy Blackstone, PhD, is decidedly not having children. She and
her husband, Lance, are so committed to the childfree life that they
started a blog, We’re {Not} Having a Baby! Childfree Adventures in a
Child-Centric World, in 2013. Dr. Blackstone is a professor of sociology
at the University of Maine, where she researches childlessness and
the childfree choice, childfree families, workplace harassment, and
civic engagement. I interviewed Prof. Blackstone over email while
she enjoyed a childfree summer teaching in Italy


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