Dr. Sporer Chapter in “Criminalization of Mental Illness Reader”

Dr. Karyn Sporer reports that a recent book chapter is officially published/printed in the Criminalization of Mental Illness Reader (Slate & Johnson, eds), from Carolina Academic Press, which is an accompaniment to an acclaimed book by Slate & Johnson on persons with mental illness and the criminal justice system. Her chapter is called, “Family violence and mental illness.”
From the CAP Website: “The Criminalization of Mental Illness Reader is an indispensable accompaniment to the second and future editions of the Criminalization of Mental Illness text. The contributors to the reader, who include some of the most expert and renowned scholars in the field, expand on key ideas in the text for comprehensive coverage of issues related to people with mental illness who are justice-involved. These include correlates of offending among people with mental illness; how criminal justice system actors respond, both desirable and otherwise, to people with mental illness; the media’s role in shaping perceptions of people with mental illness who are justice-involved; and, finally, what can be done more effectively to reverse the process of criminalization of this group.”