Forensic Magazine Article on Dr. Karyn Sporer’s Research

Mon, 08/06/2018 – 1:03pm

by Seth Augenstein – Senior Science Writer – Forensic Magazine

The missives were tapped out onto Twitter from all the corners of the world, even as the victims still lay dying on the sidewalk in Nice, France, on Bastille Day two years ago.

“Our prophet ordered to be strong against infidels, to defend ummah, muslims, khilafa, warned against bid’ah…” tweeted one user.

“You hypocrites never made a single hashtag when markets were bombed in Syria killing 100s,” wrote another.

“Why is everyone freaking out all of a sudden?” tweeted a third, among the thousands. “People die everyday in Syria, it’s not that big deal (sic) ha? I’m done with your selective humanity.”

The trove of messages in the seconds, minutes and hours after blood is spilled in a terror attack is part of the work of Karyn Sporer, a sociologist at the University of Maine.

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