Robyn Lorom Young ’17 is heading for Dartmouth!

We have received this update from Robyn Lorom Young ’17. She’s been a grad student and a graduate assistant for Student Support Services here at UMaine this year and now advises: “I graduated last year with my degree in Social Work and Sociology, and I was eager to begin my master’s program in Higher Education here at UMaine. In addition, I found several outlets for my independent work on policy initiatives (My undergraduate project was titled, MAP for Success: Maine Achievement Pathways and advocated for reform in the areas of education and training for low-income adults). I participated with legislators and lobbyists in the creation of LIFT-Leveraging Investments in Families for Tomorrow, a key piece of legislation that was passed by the 128th session of the Maine Legislature in April 2018. Most recently, I have joined a network of scholars whose efforts continue to inform policy makers of current research in critical legislative focus areas such as poverty and public health.  I’m excited to begin my new position in September as a Researcher for Dartmouth, working towards finding solutions for the rising opioid crisis.”