Sporer Collaborates on Healthy Aging Article

Attached is an article from Dr. Karyn Sporer’s collaboration with colleagues in the psychology and nursing programs. She was asked to conduct the qualitative data analysis for this research.

What are older adults wellness priorities? A qualitative analysis of priorities within multiple domains of wellness
Kelley Strout, Fayeza Ahmed, Karyn Sporer, Elizabeth P. Howard, Elizabeth Sassatelli, Kristen Mcfadden

Innovative, community-based interventions that promote behavioral wellness are critical to engaging older adults in improving personal health. The objective of this qualitative content review was to develop an understanding of older adults’ wellness priorities. A random sample of 128 male and female US residents age 65 and older who live in communities in 22 states was extracted from a national data set. Personalized open-ended health priorities were compiled using the Wellness Assessment Tool. Data were analyzed using qualitative analysis with Hettler’s Six Dimensions of Wellness as the theoretical framework. Physical, social, and emotional priorities were the most important to older adults followed by priorities in intellectual, occupational, and spiritual dimensions. Priorities within all 6 domains (physical, social, emotional, intellectual, occupational, and spiritual) appeared to promote study participants’ desire to sustain their independence and maintain health. Future research is needed to understand the best methods to promote wellness and independence among older adults. Keywords: Aged 80 and over, Independent living, Self-care, Health promotion, Lifestyle

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