Professor Blackstone quoted in Bustle Online E-magazine

Once again Amy Blackstone’s professional opinion from her studies of the Childfree was called on for a major article. This time the article is in Bustle, an online e-magazine. The article, “Who Will Take Care Of Me If I Don’t Have Kids?” by Kristina Marusic, discusses the issues the childfree are facing as they age. These are the same issues many are facing whether they have children or not. 

From the article:

Moving into one big house together is another option. “I’ve talked with plenty of people who have ideas about Golden Girls-ing it and going in on a house together with other women,” says sociologist Amy Blackstone, who studies and blogs about the stigma associated with women who choose to be childfree. “Women do tend to live longer than men, so I’m sort of anticipating that I’ll be around a bit longer than my husband… The Golden Girls option is one I’ve discussed with my friends.””

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