Blackstone quoted in Elle Magazine

Professor Blackstone was interviewed for an article in Elle magazine: “This is How Sexual Harassment Ruins Your Career” Elle was one of her favorite magazines when she was younger and Prof Blackstone says, “I was tickled to talk with someone at Elle, which I read voraciously as a teenage fashion nerd. Never thought I might one day get the chance to talk social science with them!”

From the article:

“Instead, a common reaction is to do what Ellen eventually decided to do: quit. In a recent study, Heather McLaughlin, Amy Blackstone, and Christopher Uggen found that 80 percent of early-career women who experience unwanted touching or other kinds of harassment change jobs within two years. “We discovered that job change, industry change, and reduced work hours were common [as a response],” Blackstone said. In fact, victims are 6.5 times more likely to change jobs than those who aren’t harassed, even when accounting for other factors that prompt people to switch jobs, such as having a baby.”

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