ASA Annual Meeting – Alumni Reunion

The Alumni Dinner at the American Sociological Association’s Annual Meeting in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, was held at the LeWestin Restaurant in Montreal August 11-15, 2017.  In attendance were (from front left around table): Yuka (Kawahito ’05) Doherty who is now an instructor and PhD Candidate at the University of New Mexico; Jason Houle ’05, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Dartmouth; Dawn Norris ’05, Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse; Professor Kyriacos Markides; Sam Saucier ’18, ASA Honors Student; Alli DellaMattera ’18, ASA Honors Student; Julianna Ferguson ’18, ASA Honors Student; Professor Steve Barkan; Guest; Heather McLaughlin ’06, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Oklahoma State University.