Barkan Explains the Merits of the ACA in this BDN OpEd

OPART14.JPGIn his OpEd “The Non-Alternative Facts about Obamacare”, Professor Barkan explains the merits of what the ACA has to offer and what will be lost if replaced with the current proposal.

“Because the Affordable Care Act remains so controversial, it is useful to remember some of its major provisions that benefit many people’s health:

— Insurance companies may not refuse to cover someone with a pre-existing condition.

— Insurance companies may not cancel a policy for someone with high medical bills.

— Insurance companies no longer may charge higher premiums for women or for sicker individuals.

— Insurance companies may no longer impose annual and lifetime dollar limits on most health care benefits.

— Dependent children may remain on a parent’s insurance plan until they turn 26.

— Many preventive services are now free for all adults, including screening for blood pressure, colorectal cancer, and diabetes.

— Many preventive services are now free for women, including contraception for most insured women, breast and cervical cancer screening and various services for pregnant women.

— Many preventive services are now free for children and adolescents, including many immunizations and screening for blood lead levels, vision problems and STDs.”

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