Professor Sporer has Chapter in New Book on Preventing Crime & Violence

Professor Karyn Sporer has a chapter in the new book Preventing Crime and Violence, Advances in Prevention ScienceThe chapter is entitled “Macro- and Micro-approaches to Crime Prevention and Intervention Programs.”

“This insightful volume integrates criminological theories, prevention science, and empirical findings to create an up-to-date survey of crime prevention research and strategies. Its interdisciplinary perspective expands on our knowledge of risk factors to isolate the malleable mechanisms that produce criminal outcomes, and can therefore be targeted for intervention.  In addition, the text identifies developmental, lifespan, and social areas for effective intervention. Reviews of family-, community-, and criminal justice-based crime prevention approaches not only detail a wide gamut of successful techniques, but also provide evidence for why they succeed. And as an extra research dimension, the book’s chapters on methodological issues and challenges uncover rich possibilities for the next generation of crime prevention studies.”

Sporer, Karyn, Amy L. Anderson, & Johanna Peterson. (2017). Macro- and micro-approaches to crime prevention and intervention programs. In B. Teasdale & M. S. Bradley (eds.), Preventing Crime and Violence, Advances in Prevention Science (pp. 169-176). Cham, Switzerland: Springer.

Congratulations to Professor Sporer!