Michael Rocque ’05 is Bates College Football Faculty Liaison!

This wonderful article from Bates College says it all with lots of photos of Michael Rocque ’05 at work as the Bates College Football Faculty Liaison:

When Assistant Professor of Sociology Michael Rocque arrives at Garcelon Field for the football team’s final game of the season, a noontime contest vs. Hamilton, he’s looking the part of a Bobcat fan, sporting a branded Bates Athletics hat, hoodie, casual jeans, and Crocs.

Instead of heading to the seats, however, he walks onto the field and over to the Bates sideline. He greets players and coaches and takes his place with them as they line up for the national anthem. Rocque doffs his cap, they their helmets, and the anthem begins. From now until the final handshakes, Rocque is part of the scene and the team.

Rocque sees his role as a faculty liaison to the football team “as a bridge for students, between their academic and athletic worlds,”which explains why he’s on the sideline for each and every game.

“It shows our students that we as faculty members support what they’re doing. We understand that athletics is not just something that takes away from our teaching them in the classroom but is a big part of their overall Bates experience.”

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