Here are some additional sources of support and links to information that may help with the proposal:

The Nature Conservancy in Maine is interested in connecting with a town, regional committee, or other organizations’ community-based effort to restore coastal habitat as part of the Maine Shellfish Restoration and Resilience Project.  We are specifically interested in partnering with fishermen and towns proposing a project related to shellfish restoration, water quality improvement, or other measurable conservation activity.  We recognize the important role that bivalve shellfish play in the coastal ecosystem and also the benefit to harvesters and the coastal economy.  In Maine, we have been testing oyster and blue mussel bed enhancement/restoration methods on an experimental scale, and see this project as an opportunity to share experience and learn from people working on the ground.  Contact Amanda Moeser at (207) 729-5181 or for more information.

Shellfish Focus Day videos: Here is an archive of videos from science and management presentations given at the annual Shellfish Focus Day at the Maine Fishermen’s Forum.

Maine Shellfish Research Compendium: This is a document that lists and describes research on bivalves.

We also have an example proposal available on request.