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About us

South Asian Association of Maine is a cultural representation of SAARC nations (India, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Pakistan, Maldives), popularly known as SAAM. We are affiliated with University of Maine and are one of the fastest-growing student organizations on campus. With just under 100 members and a large number of member families from all over Maine, we are extremely active and enthusiastic group of people who are always willing to share our culture and values with everyone through various events. SAAM in the past has upheld and continues to uphold a long-standing tradition of serving not just South Asian but also the students from rest of the world who are enrolled at the University of Maine.

Celebrations such as “Welcome party” and other get together’s hosted by SAAM gives new students a chance to mingle and get adapted to the atmosphere of the University of Maine. Transition for new students is made easier this way.

Throughout the year, SAAM celebrates several different South Asian cultural events like Diwali, Eid, New year for different religions etc. and hence reaching out to a large number of people in Maine. Colorfest (Holi) being SAAM’s one of the biggest events, witnesses a foot count of over 400 people from all over the Maine.

Our Mission

  • To promote South Asian Culture and Values by providing social, cultural, recreational and community programs, thereby uniting the local community, and raising awareness about South Asian culture in them.
  • To provide students with a platform to develop their personal and professional relationships, leadership skills and teamwork abilities.
  • To persuade students to organize events and cultural activities for the welfare of the community and society, and thus to create an atmosphere which feels like home away from home.

There are no fees required to become a member of this organization and it is open for students and faculty alike.

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South Asian Association of Maine
South Asian Association of Maine