French Club

The French Club at the University of Maine is a cultural student organization which seeks to explore and develop the French language and Francophone cultures from all around the globe. We welcome students representing any part of the Francophonie or anyone with a general interest in the Francophonie. We have welcomed students from Quebec, France, Franco-America, South America, Africa, and many other places.


We attempt to cultivate language skills by offering a variety of activities, ranging from board games to movies to conversation. The club is open to speakers of all levels from no French to native speakers.


In previous years we have corresponded with the Quebec Delegation in Boston as well as the French Consulate in attempts to spread cultural awareness. We volunteer at Culturefest on the UMaine campus each year and work actively with the Modern Language department and Franco-American Studies department to help bridge students and educators. We hope to create an environment where students and faculty alike engage in learning and enjoyment of the French language and cultures.
French Club Tabling at Culture Fest
French Club Maine Day Service Project