Caribbean Club

Weekly Meeting: Thursday, 6:30 – 7:30 pm, Senior Skull Room

President: Emily Duran -Frontera 

Picture of Emily

I am Emily Duran-Frontera and I am the president of the Caribbean Club.  I am was born and raised in a beautiful island in the Caribbean named Puerto Rico. I moved to the United States, when I was 18 to start college here at U-Maine. I am in Honors and I am a Human Nutrition major. I am really passionate about my culture and it is my hope and passion to teach everyone about the Caribbean, so they can also fall in-love of our beautiful islands and culture.

Vice President: Hosanna Garcia 


My name is Hosanna Garcia. I am Vice President of the Caribbean Club. I joined the club because I originate from the Dominican Republic and feel connected to my roots. Being a part of the Caribbean Club is important to me because sharing my culture and connecting with other people,who share the same culture or who have an interest in our culture, makes a great difference to me. Our culture is rooted in music, dance, flavorful food, happy faces, and warm hearts. We are humble individuals who use what resources we have and create happiness and sunshine with everyone we meet.