Fall 2010

Date Event Place
September 20 Jackson Laboratory Research Internship
information session
Hill Auditorium
October 4 Solomon Friedberg, Professor and Chairman of the Dept. of Mathematics, Boston College
Graduate Student Teacher Development using case studies
Hill Auditorium
October 18 Joseph Wagner, Dept. of Mathematics, Xavier UniversityDo you see what I see? Issues of structure and transfer in mathematics education research 100 Neville Hall
(Note change in venue)
November 15 Paul Wlodkowski, Maine Maritime Academy & the University of Maine RiSE CenterIntroducing Engineering Design in a Ninth Grade Physical Sciences Classroom 102 Bennett Hall
(Note change in venue)
November 22 Thesis Defense, Elizabeth BurroughsThe Astrobiology Project: Effects on students’ science aspirations and achievement, and an analysis of self-handicapping behavior Hill Auditorium
November 22 Thesis Defense – Casey MurphyAnswer-seeking and idea-constructing during collaborative active-learning activities in a physics laboratory 227 Neville Hall
(Note change in venue)
Wednesday, December 1 Thesis Defense – Erik DaSilvaProcedural skills – The missing link in ninth graders’ comprehension of geography’s influence 307 BGSB
(Note change in venue)
December 6 Duke Albanese Hill Auditorium
December 15 Bill Zoellick (tentative) TBA