Barbara Hikel Retiree Award

Purpose: This annual award was established in 2006 by the President of the University of Maine in memory and recognition of Barbara Hikel, a long time employee who continued to serve the university in an exemplary manner after her retirement in 2000. The award is given each year by the President to a University of Maine retiree who, after retirement, provides extraordinary voluntary service to the University of Maine.

Selection Criteria: The recipient of the Barbara Hikel Award must be a University of Maine retiree (at least 10 years of university service and age 55 or older). Typically, those eligible will have retired at least three years prior to their nomination for the award.

The primary criterion is exceptional voluntary service to the University during retirement. The final selection of the award recipient is made by the President of the University of Maine from recommendation(s) received from the President’s Council of Retired Employees. The award is normally presented at the annual Retiree Homecoming held each June.

Nominations for 2024

We invited your nominations for the 2024 Barbara Hikel Retiree Award. This award was established in memory of Barbara, who was an exemplary UMaine employee who stayed involved with the university for many years after her retirement. The award goes to a University of Maine retiree who provides extraordinary voluntary service to the University of Maine.

Retirees contribute to our community in a great many ways, and the Barbara Hikel Award provides meaningful recognition of those efforts. We encourage you to consider nominating a retiree you know who is continuing their contributions and service to the University of Maine. Use the 2023 Hikel Award Nomination form below.

Deadline for nominations for the 2024 award was December 1, 2023.

Past Award Recipients

2023: Mike Eckardt
Karen Boucias
Linwood “Woody” Carville; Marisue and John Pickering (jointly)
2020: None due to COVID
2019: Judy Round
2018: Jim McCleave
2017: Phil Locke
2016: Marian Dressler
2015: Glenn Wilde
2014: Charles Scontras
2013: George Jacobson
2012: Charles Kittridge
2011: Nancy MacKnight
2010: Hans “Mike” Opitz
2009: Hank Metcalf
2008: Katherine Musgrave
2007: Harold “Brownie” Brown
2006: Barbara Hikel (posthumous)