A Novel Framework for Detecting and Assessing Spruce Budworm (SBW) Forest Defoliation over Maine

Principal Investigator: Parinaz Rahimzadeh (Forest Resource, UMaine)

Partners: Aaron Weiskittel (UMaine), Peter Nelson (UMFK), David Maclean (University of New Brunswick), Daniel Kneeshaw (University of Quebec)

Abstract: This research is on developing a practical, rapid, and cost effective method to detect annual spruce budworm (SBW) defoliation in Maine at a broad spatial scale using advanced technologies in forestry. This will provide Maine forest industry with a lower cost, accurate and near real-time decision making tool for the expected SBW outbreak to mitigate economic loss. The results of this one year project will be used as the basis for a larger research proposal to be submitted to U.S. Forest Service Forest Health Monitoring funding program.