Curtis Wojcik Receives NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Award

The National Science Foundation award is a significant national accomplishment and graduate student Curtis Wojcik has developed a highly innovative research program as part of this award.

The planned project includes two studies aimed at exploring anhedonia—a prevalent symptom seen across several psychiatric disorders that involves a loss of pleasure and disinterest in typically rewarding experiences. Specifically, these studies will examine how individuals with anhedonia make predictions about future rewards and how they label and differentiate emotions. The first study will seek to validate a new experimental measure of reward prediction and identify its relation to learning and memory processes among individuals with anhedonia. The second study will use mobile devices (i.e., ecological momentary assessment) to monitor changes in emotions and reward predictions in daily life. It is hoped that these studies will help to clarify the mechanisms underlying anhedonia and emotion dysregulation more broadly.

Congratulations Curtis!