30 First-year credits plus 30 Second-year credits plus 30 Third-year credits plus 30 Fourth-year credits equals graduation

Classes on campus and online

Spring and Fall semesters, Summer University and Winter Session

At the University of Maine, we’re committed to providing high-quality education at a cost that’s within reach of families with college-bound students. We’re also concerned about what it costs students to earn a college degree. That’s why we want to help full-time undergraduates complete their degrees in four years. Think 30 is an initiative that encourages students to complete 30 credits per year — and makes it easier for them to do that — so they can graduate in four years while saving money and reducing their debt.

Infographic showing how costs increase for students who graduate in 5 or 6 years instead of the Think 30 goal of 4 years.

Fast facts:

  • The average student debt for typical UMaine graduates increases by 38% when they finish in five years instead of four. For those who graduate in six years, it’s 52% higher.
  • An estimated 67% of UMaine students who completed 30 or more credit hours before their second year of study graduated in four years. By contrast, only 4% of students who completed 20 or fewer credit hours in their first year went on to graduate in four years.
  • Only 7% of students who have earned fewer than 30 credit hours in their first year attempted UMaine summer credits, even though almost half of these students (48%) were only 1–3 credits shy of 30. This means that a single winter or summer course can make the difference in putting students on track to graduate in four years — and keeping them there.
  • Think 30 encourages students to take advantage of Winter Session, Summer University and year-round online courses:
    • Winter Session: A three-week session featuring approximately 20 high-need, fundamental undergraduate courses offered online.
    • Summer University: Begins with May Term and includes multiple academic sessions to accommodate students’ work-life schedules and their need for high-demand courses.
    • Online courses: Offered year-round.