Past Faculty Development Events

Promotion and Tenure

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Supporting Students During Omicron: Q&A Pop-up Panel for Instructors

This event held on Feb 11, 2022 was aimed at helping faculty best address some of the various challenges instructors and their students are facing during the pandemic. Topics covered included absences, student conduct, and student health and well-being. Expert panelists were available to respond to questions and concerns from instructors.

Link to recording of the session

Facilitator: Jessica Miller, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Faculty Development


  • Kenda Scheele, Associate Vice President for Student Life
  • Peter Schilling, Executive Director of CITL
  • Karen Pelletreau, Director of Faculty Educational Development
  • Ann Maxim, Director of Academic Support Services for Student-Athletes
  • Sara Henry, Director of Student Accessibility Services
  • Jessica Browne, Staff Clinician from the UMaine Counseling Center
  • Frank Wang, Psychologist from the UMaine Counseling Center