Pathways to Careers

Part of the UMS TRANSFORMS Student Success & Retention Initiative

Hands-on experiences in the workforce during college can be critical for students to set their career goals and to land their first job after graduation. The value of these experiences can vary widely, however, and without adequate support, high-impact internships may only be available to a small subset of students.

As part of the UMS TRANSFORMS Student Success & Retention Initiative, Pathways to Careers is focused on infusing, across the University of Maine System, a more deliberate, visible, and effective set of activities that ensure our UMS-wide commitment to effective career placement.

This includes:

  • Expanding access to internships and experiential learning with employer partners.
  • Preparing students to get the most out of internships, co-ops, and practicums.
  • Working with external partners to design experiences that maximize student experiences.
  • Increasing career placement, satisfaction, and performance.

Request for Proposals (Academic Year 2023-2024)

We invite you to submit ideas for the Pathways to Careers (PTC) initiative describing how they will support new or expanded career exploration and student internship opportunities during a two-year pilot period. Assessment of this pilot will inform our actions in subsequent years, but funds and activities are anticipated for multiple years after this pilot period.

This Request for Proposals strives to increase:

  1. Access to career-related experiences to all of our students.
  2. The quality of our students’ career-related experiences.
  3. Coordination among UMS universities in our stewardship of these experiences.

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UMaine / UMM Ideas Submission DeadlineFebruary 3, 2023
UMaine / UMM PTC Leadership meetsWeek of February 6, 2023
UMaine / UMM submits its Notice of Intent (NOI) to submit a proposalFebruary 15, 2023
Pathways to Careers WorkshopLate February 2023
Full project proposals and overall University cover letter, budget, & justificationMarch 31, 2023

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