Graduate Board

The Graduate Board as part of the responsibilities delegated to it by the Graduate Faculty shall: a. approve all new programs (with an affirmative vote of two-thirds of those present required); b. determine rules, procedures and policies of the Graduate School (with an affirmative vote of two-thirds of those present required); c. recommend all students who have completed degree requirements for presentation to the Trustees in the name of the Graduate Faculty (with a simple majority of those present and voting required); d. recommend approval of new courses and programs (with a simple majority of those present and voting required.); e. act on routine matters not resolved by the Executive Committee; f. refer matters to the Graduate Faculty or to the Executive Committee; g. issue calls for special meetings of the Graduate Faculty; h. carry out any special instructions of the Graduate Faculty; j. ratify all amendments to the Constitution of the Graduate School. Any act of the Board may be overruled by a majority vote of the Graduate Faculty voting in a duly authorized meeting.

Executive Committee of the Graduate Board shall operate within the policy guidelines of the Graduate School. It shall not make policy. The Executive Committee shall: a. act as an advisory body to the CAO of the Graduate School; b. resolve individual admissions problems and academic appeals; c. hear and resolve appeals on appointments to the Graduate Faculty; d. advise the CAO of the Graduate School on awarding scholarships, assistantships, and fellowships; e. establish the agenda for meetings of the Graduate Board.

The Graduate Board shall consist of the Graduate School’s administrative leadership, members elected by the Graduate Faculty, and one member appointed by the Graduate Student Government, and one member appointed by the Faculty Senate of the University of Maine as a liaison between the two bodies. The Senate representative must be a Full Graduate Faculty member in good standing and may also be a designated representative of one of the graduate programs. The chief academic officer of the Graduate School shall serve as chairperson.

Executive Committee shall consist of seven members, five faculty in addition to the CAO of the Graduate School and the Assistant Vice President for Graduate Studies & Senior Associate Dean, who will also act as Secretary. The faculty members shall be elected by the Graduate Board from its own membership; it is the intent of the Graduate Faculty that the Executive Committee be broadly representative, preferably with one representative of each of the five Colleges. Board members shall have completed at least one year of a current term on the Graduate Board before the election to the Executive Committee. They shall be elected for a one-year term and are eligible for re-election.

Current members (Executive Committee marked with asterisk):
*Pankaj Agrrawal, Associate Professor of Finance, term expires 2018
Jamie Ballinger,  Assistant Director of Graduate Enrollment Services
*Jim Artesani, Associate Dean of Accreditation and Graduate Affairs, term expires 2019
James Beaupre, Innovation Engineer, term expires 2018
Jason Bolton, Assistant Extension Professor and Food Safety Specialist, term expires 2018
Doug Bousfield, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Pulp and Paper Foundation, Graduate Coordinator, term expires 2018
Timothy Bowden, Assistant Professor of Aquaculture, term expires 2018
Xuan Chen, Assistant Professor Production Economics/Agriculture Finance, term expires 2019
Shane Cushing, Master of Education Candidate in Higher Education, GSG Student Government President through May 2017
Stephen Coghlan, Associate Professor of Freshwater Fisheries, term expires 2018
Mauricio Da Cunha, Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, term expires 2018
Mike Day, Associate Research Professor, term expires 2018
*Scott Delcourt, Assistant Vice President for Graduate Studies & Senior Associate Dean of the Graduate School
Jacques Ferland, Associate Professor of History, term expires 2018
Brian Frederick, Associate Professor of Chemistry, term expires 2018
Gregory Howard, Assistant Professor of English, term expires 2018
Cindy  Isenhour, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, term expires 2018
Naomi Jacobs, Interim Director, Women’s Gender and Sexuality Students Program, term expires 2019
Shaleen Jain, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, term expires 2018
Joshua Kelley, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, term expires 2019
*Kody Varahramyan, Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School
*Michael Kinnison, Associate Director of the School of Biology and Ecology, term expires 2018
Dorothy Klimis-Zacas, Professor of Clinical Nutrition, term expires 2018
*Cynthia Isenhour, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Karl Kreutz, Professor of Geological Sciences and Professor of Climate Change Institute, term expires 2018
George Markowsky, Professor of Computer Science, term expires 2018
Stuart Marrs, Professor of Music, term expires 2018
James McClymer, Associate Professor of Physics, term expires 2018
Susan McKay, Professor of Physics and Director of the Maine RiSE Center, term expires 2018
Ian Mette, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership, term expires 2018
Sarah Nelson, Associate Research Professor, School of Forest Resources, term expires 2019
Kimberley Miner, PhD student in Paleoclimatology, GSG Board of Trustees Representative
Reinhard Moratz, Associate Professor School of Computing and Information Science, term expires 2019
David Neivandt, Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies
Stom Ohno, Professor of Soil Chemistry, term expires 2018
Eric Pandiscio, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education, term expires 2018
Andrew Reeve, Professor of Geological Sciences, term expires 2018
Deborah Rooks-Ellis, Assistant Professor of Special Education, term expires 2018
Alan Rosenwasser, Professor of Psychology, term expires 2018
Dan Sandweiss, Professor of Anthropology, term expires 2018
Jennifer Seale, Associate Professor of Communications Sciences and Disorders, term expires 2019
Mary Shea, Assistant Professor of Nursing, term expires 2018
Michael Socolow, Associate Professor of Communication and Journalism , term expires 2018
Carly Sponarski, Assistant Professor of Human Dimensions of Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation, term expires 2018
Senthil Vel, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, term expires 2018
Carlos Villacorta Gonzales, Assistant Professor of Spanish, term expires 2018
Gail Werrbach, Director, School of Social Work, term expires 2018
Yifeng Zhu, Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, term expires 2018

Reports to: Vice President for Research & Dean of the Graduate School