Graduate Board Meeting Schedule
Monthly meetings are held Thursdays from 3 – 4:30 p.m.

Each month’s Graduate Board Packet is posted under the meeting date and includes the meeting agenda, the previous month’s minutes, and supporting documents for agenda items. Additional supporting documents are also posted under the meeting date when available.

For previous GB Packets, go to the archive.


The Graduate Board consists of the Graduate School’s administrative leadership, faculty members elected by the faculty from each academic unit, the President of the Graduate Student Government or his/her designee, the graduate student Board of Trustees representative, and the President of the Faculty Senate of the University of Maine or his/her designee as a liaison between the two bodies. Contact Kathleen Harding-Heber for a full list of the Graduate Board membership.

Executive Committee

Kody Varahramyan, Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School

Scott G. Delcourt, Associate Vice President for Graduate Studies and Senior Associate Dean

Pankaj Agrrawal, Professor of Finance

Shaleen Jain, Professor of Civil Engineering

Jim Artesani, Associate Dean of Accreditation and Graduate Affairs

Sharon J.W. Klein, Associate Professor of Economics

Dylan Dryer, Associate Professor of English