Academic Affairs Faculty Forums

Welcome to the Academic Affairs Faculty Forum website

In year five of the implementation of our strategic plan, the focus continues to be the integration of the plan’s strategies and goals into the organizational structure of the university.  Just as the Blue Sky Strategic Plan was developed through an inclusive process, integration will emerge through collaboration.

As we have over the past three years, the Office of Academic Affairs will continue to engage the university community through the Academic Affairs Faculty Forums. The forums were designed to create a venue for meaningful sharing of ideas about important initiatives in Academic Affairs.  Collaboration between the faculty and administration of the university is essential if we are to advance toward our strategic goals.  The forums are one venue for this collaboration.  This website is designed to extend the collaboration beyond the public meeting.  After each forum, we will post relevant materials and create a space where faculty members can submit reactions, comments or questions generated by the forum.

Currently, there are two Academic Affairs Faculty Forums planned for the 2016-2017 academic year.   A portion of each Faculty Forum will include an update on the University of Maine System’s “One University” initiative, particularly as it relates to Academic Affairs.


Academic Affairs Faculty Forums from Fall 2013 through Spring 2016