University of Maine & University of Maine at Machias Budget Advisory Committee

Budget Advisory Committee Charges


Kelly Sparks | Vice President for Finance and Administration & CBO

Diane Rowland | Dean of the College of Earth, Life, & Health Sciences

Gabriel Paquette | Associate Provost for Academic Affairs & Faculty Development

Gayle Zydlewski | Director, Maine Sea Grant

Danielle Wormell | Assistant Director of Operations

Andrea Gifford | Associate Dean and Director of Admin and Support Services

Craig Mason | Professor of Education and Applied Quantitative Methods

Dave Barrett | Lecturer in Accounting

Henri Akono | Associate Professor of Accounting

Sabrina DeTurk | Lecturer in Honors

Jessica Leahy | Professor of Human Dimensions

Nicholas MacDonald | Lecturer in Small Business Management

Megan Tardif | Director of CORE Research Facilities

Bhreagh Kennedy | Undergraduate Student – UMaine

Nolan Merz | Graduate Student

Regina McNamara | Undergraduate Student – UMaine Machias 

David Breazeale | Student-Athlete

Jenise Soucy | Finance Director

Elisabeth Maberry | Director of Finance & Operations, Online & Continuing Education

Corey Watson | Senior Financial Analyst