President’s Council on Disabilities


Advises the President and the Director of Equal Opportunity on concerns and priorities related to the establishment of a university environment free of physical, programmatic, and attitudinal barriers for persons with disabilities. The Council promotes communication across programs and persons with responsibilities directly affecting or concerned with disability access and/or students and employees with disabilities to encourage a more coordinated effort in meeting the needs of students and employees with disabilities.



(Faculty and staff serve 3-year terms, students serve 2-year terms)

  • Director of Student Accessibility Services
  • Director of Equal Opportunity
  • Human Resources representative
  • Student Life representative
  • Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Three faculty representatives (nominated by Faculty Senate)
  • One associate dean (nominated by the Provost)
  • Two undergraduates (nominated by Student Government)
  • One graduate student (nominated by Graduate Student Government)
  • CCIDS representative
  • Facilities Management representative
  • Student Auxiliary Services representative
  • Information Technologies representative



No Current Membership Available.

Please contact Amber Thompson at or (207)581-1516 with any questions.