Kelly Sparks

Kelly Sparks is Vice President for Finance and Chief Business Officer. Prior to joining the UMaine community, she served as Associate Vice President of Finance and Strategic Planning at Oregon State University – Cascades for nearly 10 years. Kelly focused on long range strategic planning, physical infrastructure and the financial health of the branch campus. She transitioned to OSU in 2013 following her role as associate dean for finance and operations at the University of Oregon, School of Law. In her role at the law school she served students, faculty and staff as the head of finance, human resources, information technology, and building operations and maintenance. Prior to her time in higher education, Kelly was the founding executive director for a non-profit in Washington State. Prior to her career in higher education, Kelly was spent more than a decade in the private sector in various strategic planning, project management and financial planning roles at Coach Leatherware, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and ultimately as a vice president for finance and strategic planning at Nordstrom.