Maine Memo — A time for vigilance and support

Dear UMaine and UMaine Machias community members,

In recent days, two university communities in Idaho and Virginia have been rocked by incidents that resulted in the loss of student lives; today, Maine high schools are coping with active shooter hoaxes. These violent acts are incredibly tragic and devastating, and the subsequent unfounded threats of active shooters in our schools statewide have instilled fear and alarm.

Each is a reminder of the very real challenges in our schools and at our universities today.

Our thoughts and heartfelt condolences are with the families, friends and community members of the university students who have died.

Know that law enforcement, including the UMaine Police Department and Machias Police Department, are well aware of the incidents statewide and are essential resources in our emergency response efforts, if needed. It is vitally important that all of us have heightened situational awareness, maintain vigilance and know the basics of emergency preparedness in crisis situations.

We can all play a part in keeping each other and our campuses safer by being an active bystander and staying vigilant. Report suspicious or concerning behavior to campus and community authorities by calling 207.581.4040 or 911.

Students, faculty, or staff in need of support can contact:

  • Counseling centers at UMaine, 207.581.1392, and UMaine Machias, 207.255.1343
  • Employee Assistance Program, 877.622.4327
  • National Suicide and Crisis hotline, 988
  • UMaine Dean of Students Office, 207.581.1406
  • UMaine Machias Office of Student Life, 207.255.1320

Joan Ferrini-Mundy