UMaine and UMM: Diversity and Inclusion in Talent Acquisition — April 13

Dear members of the University of Maine and University of Maine at Machias communities,

As we strive to achieve diversity, equity, and inclusive excellence at the University of Maine and University of Maine at Machias, it is imperative for us to proactively and effectively attract, recruit, and maintain talented and diverse faculty and staff members.

It is the right thing to do and it is the smart thing to do. Research repeatedly shows that diverse organizations and teams are more innovative, resilient, and effective.

A diverse faculty and staff represent and embrace all dimensions of diversity, including age, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, ability/disAbility, experiences, personality, and perspective.

Our search committees are using best practices and concerted efforts to achieve the goal of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Examples of these best practices include: working to be aware of and contend with implicit and explicit bias, targeting advertising and posting positions with organizations that support populations that are traditionally underrepresented in higher education, and personally reaching out to individuals from underrepresented groups.

As I write this, the incidence of hate crimes is increasing in the United States. We can and must do more and do better to create campus communities that are enlightened about systemic racism, sexism, and other societal challenges, and that are central to the change that must occur.

Having a diverse faculty and staff will move us toward inclusive excellence. Populations that are underrepresented at our universities and in Maine must be central and visible in all types of positions at UMaine and UMM. Each open job we have is an opportunity to progress. A richness of diversity is essential for robust, vibrant campus communities that foster awareness, are operationally strong, that enable our students to see and be part of our enacted values of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and are able to take on and solve challenging problems.

On the Office of Human Resources recruitment and hiring webpage is detailed information regarding UMaine and UMM search expectations regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion. These expectations are established as one component of a broader set of actions that will emanate from the recommendations and work of the President’s Council on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI Council). These process enhancements are applicable to all searches launched April 1, 2021 and thereafter, and, to the extent feasible, all searches currently underway.

Thank you for continuing to ensure that our campuses are diverse communities supportive of everyone.


Joan Ferrini-Mundy
President, University of Maine and University of Maine at Machias