Maine Memo — April 2 Community Health Update

Yesterday, we received the latest good news about COVID-19 vaccinations: Maine residents 16 and older can get their shots sooner. Beginning April 7, all adult residents in the state will be eligible. That includes all members of our university communities; a University of Maine System identification will be accepted as proof of eligibility.

This is great progress for Maine and for our universities.

I hope as many members of the UMaine and UMM communities as possible will schedule vaccination appointments. A reminder to UMaine community members: BAT Community Connector bus transportation is free of charge with a MaineCard.

The state’s COVID-19 vaccination website has the latest information on vaccination sites, FAQs and more. It includes a new link for preregistering for a COVID-19 vaccination appointment.

In recent weeks, the number of new coronavirus cases in Maine continues to be highest among adults in their 20s. Coupled with maintaining our ongoing health and safety protocols, vaccinations are the next most important step we can take to bring this pandemic to an end and save lives.

I was pleased to receive my first COVID-19 vaccination at the Cross Center in Bangor last month. An easy, painless process. And the bonus was that it was administered by UMaine senior Stephanie Nichols, who is among many School of Nursing students and faculty working to maximize vaccination efforts.

With your continued vigilance to health and safety guidance, and active participation in testing and vaccinations, we are not only getting through this pandemic together, but looking forward to soon being together again.