Community message regarding the death of George Floyd — May 30

The University of Maine and University of Maine at Machias join with millions of people across the globe to decry the violent and needless death of George Floyd at the hands of rogue police officers in Minneapolis earlier this week. As a community our anguish is palpable. This act of violence must rally us to continue our fight to eliminate racism, inequality and violence in our society. We are defined by our humanity, and the actions of the perpetrators were unnecessary, unacceptable and abhorrent. Bigotry, out of control power, and cruelty are vile reminders of why we must continue to work together as antiracists and as a community where inclusivity and respect define us.

We send our condolences and hopes for justice to George Floyd’s family and friends. This heinous act reminds us, once again, that as a community our efforts to push back the darkness of inequality and hate must continue.

Joan Ferrini-Mundy, President
Robert Q. Dana, Vice President for Student Life and Inclusive Excellence, and Dean of Students