Marrs Spring ’08 Mid-west Clinic Tour

Dr. Stuart Marrs
Midwest Clinics, Concerts, Master Classes
February 27-March 12, 2008

For two and a half weeks of late winter of 2008, I toured the upper midwest giving concerts, clinics, and master classes on the Carter Eight Pieces for Four Timpani and on symphonic cymbal playing.

It was an exciting and energizing trip during which I was able to visit and share music with many talented students in a wide variety of music programs. Each institution on my itinerary offered a very different mix of degree programs and departmental profiles, but students from all had one thing in common: a love and enthusiasm for percussion. Many had studied my DVD and were prepared to perform one of the Carter pieces for me in a master class setting. It was gratifying to see the dedication to detail and serious approach to these masterworks by all who performed. Congratulations to the students and to their instructors who brought them to such a remarkable level.

The cymbal clinics were of equal importance to the Carter clinics on my tour since symphonic cymbal playing represents a much misunderstood and underrated art form. I am glad to have had the opportunity to work with students in an analytical and in-depth forum offered by the clinic format.

In chronological order, events were:

  • Cymbals clinic at Albion College, MI – Stacey Jones, host
  • Master class, timpani and cymbals clinic at Michigan State University – Gwen Burgett Thrasher, host.
  • Timpani and cymbals clinics at Jackson High School, MI – Nathan Heim, host.
  • Conducted Ionisation by Varèse and performed Peterson Timpani Concerto with the Albion Orchestra – Dr. James Ball, conductor.
  • Timpani and cymbals clinics at Western Illinois University – Kevin Nichols, host.
  • Master class, timpani and cymbals clinics at Northern Illinois University – Robert Chappell, host.
  • Timpani clinic and performance at “Talkin’ Pauken” Iowa Timpani Day – Dr. Dan Moore, host.
  • Master class, timpani and cymbals clinics at the University of Minnesota – Fernando Meza, host.
  • Master class,timpani and cymblas clinics at the University of Wisconsin – Platteville – Joe Caploe, host.

I would like to thank the fine people at the following percussion manufacturing companies for their support in making this tour possible.