The University of Maine Percussion Ensemble has a distinguished history of performance within this relatively new genre of musical activity. The group has premiered new works in the US such as the Živković Uneven Souls as well as performing “older” staples of the repertoire like Chávez’s Toccata (1942) and Varèse’s Ionisation (1931). In 1993, the group was invited to perform at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention in Columbus, OH where its performance of the above-mentioned work by Nebojša Jovan Živković was heralded as the “best of the conference.” The group toured internationally on several occasions and was the first US percussion ensemble to perform in Cuba at the PerCuba Festival in 1999. Mixed in with the more European-based compositions, the ensemble performs in a variety of world music genres such as salsa, African drumming, and Brazilian samba.

This group performs chamber music composed primarily for the medium of percussion. The specific repertoire chosen for a given semester depends greatly upon the make-up of the ensemble for that semester. The ability to read music (e.g. snare drum parts) is a prerequisite for enrollment in this performance course. Although it is NOT absolutely necessary to read pitches, percussionists with experience on keyboard percussion and timpani are strongly encouraged to enroll. Dr. Stuart Marrs, Director. Rehearsals are Tues. 5:00-7:00pm.  0-1 cr.

Symphonic Band – MUO114

The Symphonic Band performs the most challenging and significant band literature and offers the accomplished percussionist a satisfying artistic experience. Rehearsals are MW 4:00-5:20. Audition required. Director of Bands, Christopher White, Director. 0-1 cr.

Marching Band – MUO111

The drum line for the Black Bears Marching Band maintains a standard of excellence unparalleled in the State. Progressive concepts and advanced techniques are routinely employed by students with a drum corps background. The spirit and camaraderie of this precision unit help to provide at once a satisfying musical and social activity.  0-1 cr.

Pep Band – MUO113

An important part of our successful winter sports teams, the Pep Band is an ideal ensemble for the musician/sports fanatic. Many students enroll for the thrill (not to mention the free admission) of UMaine Black Bear winter sports. Audition required.  0-1 cr.

Concert Band – MUO112

Many of the players enrolled in the Black Bears Marching Band during the fall semester choose to continue their music in the spring semester by enrolling in the Concert Band. This organization performs music from the standard concert band repertoire similar to what you experienced in high school band. No audition required.  Dr. Phillip Edelman, Director. 0-1 cr.

University Orchestra – MUO 121

The orchestra often performs works from the standard symphonic repertoire that require percussion. Interested percussionists should check with Dr. Marrs and Dr. Wieck at the beginning of each semester to determine percussion needs for the group. Rehearsals are M&W 7:00-9:00pm. Dr. Anatole Wieck, Director. 0-1 cr.

Jazz Ensemble – MUO 143

Usually takes two percussionists for each big band — set playing and vibes with some Latin percussion. There are two sections for this group, i.e. two complete jazz bands. 0-1 cr.