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Physics Education Research Laboratory

Jayson Nissen

Jayson earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics at Montana State University in 2010. He was a member of the Physics Education Research Laboratory from Fall 2010 to Fall 2015.

His work involved the Teaching Assistant development program and the implementation of the Learning Assistant Program within the Maine Physical Sciences Partnership.

Jayson has taught in the courses Intuitive Quantum Physics (PHY 105), Algebra Physics I (PHY 107), and Calculus Physics II (PHY 122) at the University of Maine.

In his research, Jayson used the Experience Sampling Method to look at the impact of the Learning Assistance Program on subjective student experiences relative to student learning within the course. His research also focused on gender aspects within the introductory physics courses and the impacts of stereotype threat on student learning and experience.

You can find Jayson’s publications here.