Sharing our results with other researchers and educators is central to the mission of the UMaine PER Lab.


If you are interested in having us present a workshop on these topics, please contact us.

Activity-Based Tutorials: Introductory Physics

Topics include wave physics, different methods of teaching Newton’s Third Law, and others from the Activity-Based Tutorials Volume 1: Introductory Physics. Click here for more information on workshops, and here for more information on curricular materials.

Activity-Based Tutorials: Modern Physics

Materials related to the Activity-Based Tutorials Volume 2: Modern Physics. These materials and workshops have been run in conjunction with the University of Maryland and the City College of New York. Click here for more information on the workshops and here for more information on the curricular materials.

Intermediate Mechanics Tutorials

Teaching non-science majors about wave physics and the basic concepts of quantum physics (including a graphical representation of the Schrödinger Equation that allows for finite square well bound states, spectroscopy, and tunneling). Curriculum materials and workshops.

Intuitive Quantum Physics

Teaching intermediate mechanics (mostly Newtonian, some Lagrangian) using tutorials, small-group instructional materials. Curriculum materials and workshops.