2011 Schedule

Join us on Friday, March 11, 2011

This page will be updated as new information arrives and is subject to change. If you’re interested in giving a workshop or presentation, please contact Michael Wittmann.


9 – 9:15, Bennett 137

  • Welcome to the University of Maine
  • Welcome to the Physics Department
  • Information about the Maine RiSE Center and the Maine Physical Sciences Partnership

Workshops and Roundtable

9:20 – 10:50 am, Bennett 3rd floor lab facilities

  • Jamie Vesenka (University of New England) – Workshop: Modeling Method and Resonance Conditions
  • Brian Frank and Benedikt Harrer (University of Maine) – Workshop: Argumentation and Inquiry in the Classroom
  • John Thompson (University of Maine) – Roundtable: What’s expected in the 9th grade curriculum


11 – 11.30, Bennett 137

  • Rob Meulenberg (UMaine) – talking about his path toward an academic career and his work in nanoscience


11.30 – 12.30, Bennett 102


12.30 – 2, Bennett 3rd floor lab facilities

This is a chance to visit a second workshop of the three being offered, so we repeat them.


2:10 – 4, Bennett 137

  • Dave LaBrecque (UMaine) – describing a low-cost computer controlled spectrometer
  • The Maine Physical Sciences Partnership – building a teacher professional community with the goal of a vertically integrated grade 6-9 curriculum.
  • A demo show – “Made in Maine” as a theme