Michael’s paper on the resources framework accepted in Reviews in PER

Michael C. Wittmann

Research in the Resources Framework: Changing environments, consistent exploration

preprint can be found at arXiv.org > physics > arXiv:1801.09592

(This paper will be published in the Reviews in Physics Education Research in a volume edited by (in alphabetical order) Charles Henderson, Kathy Harper, and Amy Robertson, publication date Summer 2018. See https://www.compadre.org/per/per_reviews/ for more information.)

In this paper, I discuss my personal journey through one research tradition, that of the resources framework, and how it has evolved over time. In my present work, understanding learners’ reasoning in physics in terms of the construction of large-scale models from small-scale resources emphasizes the person doing the constructing over the physics they are discussing. In this human-centered approach, I find value not in the correctness or incorrectness of a given response, but in the nature of construction, the individual’s evaluation of their own ideas, and the communication between learners as they seek to understand each other. The resources framework has driven my attention toward a human-centered approach, and has had an effect on both my professional and personal life, in the process. In addition, events in my personal life have proven relevant to my professional work in ways that are reflected by my use of the resources framework to understand knowledge and learning.


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