Internship Program

The Page Farm and Home Museum is currently offering internship opportunities to qualifying individuals. Interns will be selected on the basis of an interview, previous work experience and personal initiative. Preference is given to graduate and upper-level undergraduate students, however lower-level undergraduate students, high school students and non-students may be considered in some situations. 


An internship at the Page Farm and Home Museum is a structured learning experience scheduled within a specific time frame, and provides students with valuable, hands-on experience and training in museum work. Interns may assist with museum collections, exhibits, preservation and storage, research and documentation or public education and programming. Placement depends on the interest and/or areas of expertise of each individual intern, as well as what projects the museum needs completed at the time. Interns will work with the museum director to plan the projects the students will undertake during their internship duration. 


Internships at the Page Farm and Home Museum are generally performed under the direct supervision of museum staff, however interns must also have the ability to work independently after receiving training and instructions. Attention to detail, concern for accuracy and producing professional results are important attributes for interns to possess, as well as the ability to interact courteously with visitors, staff members and volunteers.  Enthusiasm, ability to remain composed under pressure and a sense of humor is helpful as well. 


At this time the museum only offers unpaid internships, however University of Maine credits are available based on the number of hours committed. Students should consult with the museum director as well as their academic advisor and/or college, to determine how credits will be awarded. 


Individuals interested in becoming an intern at the Page Farm and Home Museum should contact the museum director, Patricia Henner at 207-581-4100.