Winter Camping


-The best way to stay warm while camping in the winter is by wearing three layers

  • Wicking layer (base layer)  to absorb sweat off your body
  • Warming layer (fleece or thick coat) to trap body heat
  • Wind layer to protect you from wind and rain

– Be sure to change your clothes before getting into your sleeping bag

-Do NOT wear cotton, if it gets wet it will not dry


-If there is snow on the ground you should wear waterproof boots to keep your toes dry

-Bring an extra pair of dry socks to change into for when you go to sleep 

Where to put a tent

-Pack snow where you are planning to put your tent, this will help to prevent heat from escaping into the ground

-Watch for branches as many trees will be dead and prone to drop branches 


-Don’t eat snow, it makes you colder and requires energy to melt in your body

-Be aware of the signs of hypothermia, frostbite, and dehydration

-Let someone know where you are going before you leave

-Have a backup plan in case of bad weather or medical emergency 

Fun Facts!

-Pink snow, also called watermelon snow, is caused by a cryophilic (cold-loving) algae and is mostly found in areas where snow covers the ground year-round.

–Freshly compacted snow is approximately 90 to 95 percent trapped air, making it a great insulator.

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