Shelter Building

With a few tools and basic knot-tying skills, you can build a simple shelter to help protect yourself from the elements when you are in the outdoors.

Simple Steps for a Simple Shelter

  1. Pick an area with 2 good trees or objects to tie a line to
  2. Check the area for dead trees that could fall on you
  3. Clear the area of sticks and small rocks that could make sleeping uncomfortable
  4. Tie your Taught line with your paracord
    1. First tie your static hitch
    2. Then tie your movable truckers hitch
  5. Drape tarp over the taught line
  6. Tie a double hitch to rocks and then to the corners of your tarp to hold down the ends (if you do not have eyelets on your tarp you can use a ghost hitch — see below)
  7. Move the rocks until the walls of your shelter are tight
  8. If needed, add more rocks to the corners to make sure they don’t move even in high winds

Equipment Needed

  • Tarp
  • Paracord
  • Knife, if your paracord needs to be cut to length

Two Important Knots to Know

How to Make a Ghost Hitch

Ghost Hitch
Fig. 1. First, fill the corner of your tarp with gravel or a small rock.
Ghost Hitch
Fig. 2. Then tie it together with a hitch.

Different Shelters for Different Occasions

Some shelters work better than others for certain situations.

Shelters like the arrowhead are great in the wind and can be set up against a tree to prevent any wind from making it in. is a great site to view some more information on these shelters.

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