Fire Building

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you build a fire in the wilderness.

How to Build a Fire

  1. Build a dirt mound
  2. Place the fire pan on the dirt mound
  3. Gather downed sticks starting out small and gradually grow in size
  4. Arrange the kindling in the fire pan in a teepee formation
  5. Place the paper or pine needles or birch bark underneath the teepee
  6. Light the fuel underneath the teepee
  7. Wait for the flame to engulf the smaller sticks and slowly add the larger sticks
  8. After the sticks have run out, begin adding the larger timber to the fire
  9. Add timber as needed to maintain a flame
  10. Once all the logs are burned to coals be sure to dispose of the coals correctly

How to Put Out a Fire

  1. Allow the fire to burn, until all the logs are reduced to coals
  2. Separate the coals so they are flattened
  3. Once flattened completely cover the coals with either water or dirt. Suffocating or extinguishing the flame
  4. Before leaving the site make sure the coals are no longer hot or warm

Avoiding Accidents

  1. Do not bury the hot coals in the ground as the heat could cause underground root fires
  2. Do not spread coals and ash too far away from your pit
  3. NEVER leave an open flame unattended
  4. Do not leave a smoldering fire

When to Have a Fire

  1. If you don’t have your campstove
  2. If you need to keep warm
  3. If you need to cook some food
  4. When in a safe environment that has few hazards

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