Hiking Trails near the University of Maine:

Perfect for families or people with dogs, this 3.8 mile trail system follows the stillwater river from the town of Orono up past the University of Maine campus. The terrain is flat and navigable, and the trail offers beautiful views of the Stillwater River 

Located in the Bangor City Forest, the Bog Trail is a short flat trail that turns off into a platformed stroll through a super unique bog environment. Located just 5 miles from the University of Maine, it is worth noting that the bog section of the trail is closed during the winter months. 

Typically an approach route for many eager rock climbers, The Eagles bluff trail is a short steep hike that brings hikers to the top of the rock face, offering dramatic views of the surrounding area. 

Chick Hill, also known as “Peaked Mountain,” is a popular hiking destination among University of Maine Students. Either done as an out-&-back or a loop with the smaller “little chick” mountain, following either the jeep road or the trail brings hikers to the bald summit. On a good day, one can see Cadillac Mountain, the highest peak in Acadia National Park. 

Nicknamed “The Grand Canyon of Maine,” Gulf Hagas is an 10 mile loop that intersects with the esteemed Appalachian Trail. This moderate trail passes numerous beautiful waterfalls and takes you into the heart of Maine’s 100 Mile Wilderness. Who knows? Maybe you’ll pass a thru-hiker on their way to Mount Katahdin!

The highest summit of Acadia offers a steep hike through a unique coastal forested environment. Many hikers flock to Cadillac well before sunrise, as Acadia National Park is one of the first places in the United States to see the sunrise. Sunrises on Cadillac never fail to deliver. 

Feeling brave? The Precipice trail is a 1.1 mile trail that follows a tedious ridge on Mount Champlain. A majority of the hike is done holding onto iron rungs, and there are many points where you are positioned very close to the edge of the trail. Certainly not a trail for those who have a fear of heights.

If you spend any time on Sand Beach, chances are you’ve looked up and marveled at the Beehive. To climb this impressive granite dome requires lots of scaling iron rungs, and is another Acadia classic not to be missed.


The brain-child of Governor Percival Baxter, Baxter State Park is true Maine wilderness largely untouched by man. In the middle of the park stands Mount Katahdin. Known as the “Great One” by the Penobscot Nation, Katahdin is the highest mountain in the state of Maine. There are numerous trails up Katahdin, but one thing they have in common is that none of them are easy. To summit Mount Katahdin and reach the esteemed brown sign is a fantastic accomplishment.

Katahdin isn’t the only mountain that makes Baxter State Park so majestic. The Brothers, two peaks nearby, make for a really rewarding hike. Done as either an out-&-back or as a loop, North and South Brother can be done in a day, knocking out 2 of Maine’s 14 four thousand footers!

Nicknamed the “Wild Version of Acadia,” Cutler Coast is a 11-mile loop that navigates glacially carved coastline and beautiful coastal boreal forests. As stunning as it is rugged, Cutler Coast serves as a great place for day-hikers to try their hand at overnight backpacking.

Ready to plan your hike? Below is an interactive planner to help you prepare for your trip!

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