ORA reports have moved to the Research Reporting Dashboard!

Research Information Management (RIM) has designed a new site for all of your reporting needs. Just a few of the benefits of this new tool are:

  • Reports Are Always Up To Date
    • The Research Reporting Dashboard is a new way to distribute information regarding proposal submissions and grants awarded at UMaine. Instead of static reports posted once a month, the dashboard provides on-demand, ad hoc reporting using continuously updated data from the ORA database.
  • Tools To Save You Time
    • The dashboard is loaded with functionality and tools to help you monitor proposal and award activity.  With the new dashboard, you can create a report for any given date range and filter the results to match your desired search criteria.  Once you have the data you need, you can easily export the report to native file formats including Excel and PDF.
  • ORA Reports Are Still Available
    • You can still find reports in the ORA format.  Instead of downloading a PDF, you will select a date range and view the ORA report.  Run reports at any time to get the most up to date information.

If you need access to advanced reports, or want to request a custom report, fill out the request form located in the Help section.

Visit the Research Reporting Dashboard