Webinar: NDAs, MTAs, and Other Ancillary Agreements – The Basics 2-3:30pm, July 23rd, 220 Corbett Hall


Charles T. Bartunek, Director of Collaborative and Corporate Research Contracts, Division of Research,  Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Jill A. Frankenfield, Associate Director, Office of Research Administration, University of Maryland, College Park

Presentation materials will be available 24 hours prior to the live webinar.


During the life-cycle of a sponsored project, other documents besides the proposal and resulting award may be necessary.  At the proposal stage, you may want to exchange information under a Non-Disclosure Agreement.  In the course of performing the research itself, it may become necessary to share data, materials, or other resources with a partner.  To keep the project moving forward, it’s imperative to know the best way to facilitate such a transfer.  This webinar will examine the different types of ancillary research agreements, when and why they are necessary, and highlight potential negotiation areas.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will learn about the different types of ancillary agreements
  • Participants will learn when and why an ancillary agreement may be necessary
  • Participants will learn to identify potential issues that arise during the negotiation of ancillary agreements

Please contact the ORA office (ora@maine.edu) to register for the event or to request presentation materials.