Sea Grant

A photo of scallops on the half shell.

Culinary exchange between Maine and France will support Maine scallops

A group of chefs, seafood professionals, writers, economic development specialists and educators will travel to France from April 14-22 to explore French techniques for handling and preparing scallops in support of the scallop farming and commercial fishing sectors in Maine.   The project is made possible by a grant from the NOAA National Sea Grant Office […]

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A photo of the PACE spacecraft

UMaine scientists aid NASA mission to study climate impact on oceans

On Feb. 8, Emmanuel Boss watched via livestream from Maine as 15 years of work culminated in a satellite launching into space aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. Appearing as if enveloped in a ball of fire, the satellite jetted upward through the dark sky. It was 1:33 a.m.  “The vehicle continues to perform phenomenally. […]

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UMaine eDNA research in Penobscot River highlighted in media

The Bangor Daily News and shared that University of Maine researchers are using environmental DNA (eDNA) to study the recovery of river herring in the Penobscot River. eDNA is the genetic material shed by all organisms in the environment, which can be collected and sequenced. With it, UMaine researchers and their colleagues are investigating […]

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UMaine representatives participate in SEAMaine Educator Summit

Representatives from the University of Maine Aquaculture Research Institute, the UMaine Lobster Institute, Maine Sea Grant and University of Maine Cooperative Extension participated in the SEAMaine Educator Summit hosted by the Seafood Economic Accelerator for Maine (SEAMaine).  This event drew participants from all over the aquaculture sector, providing educators with invaluable insights into Maine’s aquaculture […]

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BDN shares Zydlewski presentation at sturgeon at mural dedication ceremony

The Bangor Daily News reported that University of Maine professor of marine sciences and director of Maine Sea Grant Gayle Zydlewski will present about sturgeon at the dedication ceremony for a new mural on the Belfast Waterfront by artist David Hurley, who consulted Zydlewski for background on the sturgeon’s historical presence in the region. The […]

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A photo of an American lobster

New findings revealed on how climate change impacts lobster ecology

New information is emerging on how climate change is impacting American lobster populations and their connections to other species in the marine food web in the earliest stages of their life cycle. New research conducted by two graduate students at the University of Maine’s Darling Marine Center (DMC) has revealed more information about how these […]

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