President Ferrini-Mundy interviewed by WVOM-FM 

WVOM-FM interviewed University of Maine President Joan Ferrini-Mundy on the George Hale Ric Tyler show. Ferrini-Mundy spoke about the economic root of declining enrollment, disruptions caused by the pandemic, current COVID-19 policies at UMaine and the university’s R1 designation.

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An illustration of warrah on an island

UMaine research on Falkland Island warrah translated to kid-friendly format

A University of Maine-led research study about prehistoric human activity in the Falkland Islands has been adapted into a kid-friendly format for use in classrooms by the organization Science Journal for Kids. Science Journal for Kids is a nonprofit based in Texas whose mission is to improve scientific literacy by adapting research papers for school […]

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A photo of Yingchao Yang

Yang receives NSF Early Career Award for nanomaterials research

Yingchao Yang, assistant professor in the University of Maine Department of Mechanical Engineering, received a National Science Foundation (NSF) Early CAREER Award for his research on asymmetrical fracture of high-entropy two-dimensional nanomaterials. Yang is the fourth member of the Department of Mechanical Engineering to receive the prestigious award in 2021–22. Ultrathin two-dimensional (2D) nanomaterials have […]

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A photo of a mouse in a white box

UMaine research shows animal personalities change what role critters play in building the world around them

Just like people, animals have personalities — and, like people, these individual differences in behavior may determine what role an animal plays in building the world around it. “Mutualisms” are symbiotic relationships between animals: clownfish keeping stinging sea anemones clean in exchange for protection, or bats providing nutritious guano to pitcher plants as they provide […]

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