News release feature — bottom three

A photo of the PACE spacecraft

UMaine scientists aid NASA mission to study climate impact on oceans

On Feb. 8, Emmanuel Boss watched via livestream from Maine as 15 years of work culminated in a satellite launching into space aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. Appearing as if enveloped in a ball of fire, the satellite jetted upward through the dark sky. It was 1:33 a.m.  “The vehicle continues to perform phenomenally. […]

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A photo of the Buchanan Alumni House, where the awards ceremony will take place

UMaine combines honors for community trailblazers on International Women’s Day

Two distinctions honoring women in Maine will be presented together for the first time at the University of Maine: the Maryann Hartman Awards and inductions into the Maine Women’s Hall of Fame (MWHoF). During a pivotal time for both recognitions, the Office of the Provost, with the support of the BPW/Maine Futurama Foundation, streamlined them […]

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A photo of three people biking

UMaine joins collaborative effort to bolster Maine’s outdoor recreation economy

From hiking, camping and biking to boating, hunting and snowmobiling, the outdoor recreation industry plays a significant role in supporting Maine’s economy, contributing $3.3 billion annually. To help bolster statewide economic growth within the state’s outdoor recreation industry, the University of Maine has partnered with Maine Outdoor Brands and the Maine Office of Outdoor Recreation […]

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A photo of participants around a table

New UMaine program offers leadership training to executives statewide

The Maine Business School and Graduate School of Business at the University of Maine announced that it has launched an accelerated, four-month leadership development program called Build a Better Maine 2023 for emerging business leaders from some of the state’s more prominent organizations. The training sessions are designed to help attendees develop their leadership skills […]

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A photo of Vincent Weaver

Vincent Weaver ‘demakes’ video games to teach about computer systems

Vincent Weaver, a University of Maine associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, has a quirky hobby: “de-making” video games, or reformatting classic games onto even simpler systems than the ones they were launched on as a programming challenge. Weaver has not only amassed an online fan base for his demakes — he has also […]

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A photo of two children looking at a tick

New 4-H project collaboration uses ticks to teach kids about ecosystems and public health

University of Maine Cooperative Extension recently launched its new 4-H Tick Project, a community science program where youth collect, identify and learn about ticks while contributing to university research. The project provides children and teenagers an opportunity to explore ticks and tick-borne diseases and understand the connections between climate, ecosystem change and public health. Led […]

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A photo of the field hockey complex construction site

New UMaine Field Hockey Complex scheduled to open in August

Construction for the new University of Maine field hockey complex, scheduled to open in August, is well underway, with several developments completed through the winter and spring seasons. The underground utilities, including new perimeter drainage, have been installed, and concrete walls have been erected at the team bench areas and along the grandstand. Construction on […]

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