COVID-19 media citations

Agrrawal speaks with WABI about COVID-19, economics

Pankaj Agrrawal, a professor of finance at the University of Maine, spoke with WABI (Channel 5) about effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on economics. “This COVID-19 literally and figuratively came out of nowhere. And that is the classic scenario that stops a bull market or a market from moving higher,” Agrrawal said. “The supply and […]

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BDN interviews Lichtenwalner about chickens, new coronavirus

The Bangor Daily News spoke with Anne Lichtenwalner, director of the University of Maine Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory and professor of animal and veterinary science, for an article on what poultry owners need to know about the new coronavirus. While chickens can carry strains of coronavirus, there is no evidence in the U.S. of chickens being […]

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