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UMaine Honors Student Helps Draft Ethics Bill Being Considered by Maine Legislature.

Monday, March 25th, 2013

When Shelbe Lane graduates with honors from the University of Maine in May, she’ll be equipped with a bachelor’s degree in business management, a minor in legal studies and experience as the intern to chief legal counsel in the Governor’s Office.

All of which should serve her well this fall when she enters the University of Maine School of Law in Portland.

Lane’s philosophy helps explain how she accomplished so much in three years at UMaine: “If you see something you want to accomplish you should go after it,” she says.

The scope of her academic accomplishments could soon extend far beyond campus and impact public service in Maine for decades; she participated in drafting proposed ethics reform legislation for Maine politicians and officials.

After Lane completed her draft of the legislation in the fall, she submitted it for review and consideration to Michael Cianchette, chief legal counsel in the Governor’s Office. It then went to the desk of Gov. Paul LePage, the official sponsor.

The result is LD 1001, “An Act To Improve Laws Governing Financial Disclosure by Legislators and Certain Public Employees and Public Access to Information Disclosed.”

Sen. Emily Cain of Penobscot is presenting the bill, which is co-sponsored by Rep. Michael Beaulieu of Auburn and Sen. John Tuttle of York. Lane says she will testify for LD 1001 on March 27 before the Committee of Veteran and Legal Affairs.

The Patten native helped pen the proposed legislation for her Honors College thesis. “I picked an area that interests me and where I think real change could be made,” she says.

Lane decided to tackle writing ethics reform legislation after The State Integrity Investigation — an assessment of “transparency, accountability and anti-corruption mechanisms” — ranked Maine 46th of 50 states with regard to integrity in politics in its March 2011 report.

The investigation, a collaborative effort by the Center for Public Integrity, Global Integrity and Public Radio International, assigned Maine an F on its Corruption Risk Report Card.

“The fact we’re 46th out of 50 doesn’t mean we’re corrupt,” Lane says. “It means we don’t have the statutes in place to deal with things.”

Maine, she says, lags behind many other states and the federal government with regard to asset disclosure and conflict-of-interest regulations.

LD 1001 seeks to rectify that. If the legislation becomes law, legislators and some executive branch employees would have to include a description of annual income of $2,000 or more on disclosure forms and would have to report ownership interests of 5 percent or more in businesses. They also would be required to file disclosure statements electronically and post the statements on a publicly accessible website. In addition, they would have to report any involvement by them or an immediate family member as a responsible officer of a political party or committee.

“It’s not about being nosy; it’s about avoiding conflict of interest in the voting process,” Lane says of her honors thesis, whose working title was State-Level Government Transparency and the Maine Legislative Process.

“Citizens have an apprehension and concern about politicians and I hope maybe this will ease some concerns,” she says.

Lane, who turns 21 in April, credits UMaine’s Honors College with encouraging her to be analytical and search for solutions as well as providing her with unique cultural opportunities and interesting, varied courses.

Civic service is a priority for Lane, who in the summer of 2012 participated in Maine NEW Leadership — a free, six-day, nonpartisan university training program that seeks to empower and engage college women. It promotes public speaking, coalition building, networking, advocacy and running for public office.

The program strives to provide attendees with “a greater awareness of their leadership potential, skills, and opportunities in civic life and public office” and to prepare them to “emerge as political leaders.”

Lane says the program and its presenters inspired her. She wants to enact positive change in ways other than running for elected office, including perhaps someday working in an attorney general’s office.

Mary Cathcart, co-director of Maine NEW Leadership and a senior policy associate at the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center at the University of Maine, knows about public service. The former four-term state senator and three-time representative believes in the importance of women motivating and supporting each other.

In 1988, Cathcart attended a Winning With Women speech given by Shirley Chisholm, a teacher, activist and congressperson who ran for president in 1972. When Chisholm asked those in the audience to rise if they planned to run for office, Cathcart’s friends encouraged her to stand. Not long after, Cathcart launched her distinguished career in public service.

“Women do make a difference,” Cathcart says, adding that women are buoyed when they can identify with successful role models. Cathcart says Lane is a bright young woman from a small town “who is growing up to be a very strong leader.”

Lane says she strives to be courageous, create opportunities and do her best. In the fall of 2011, she became the first Governor’s Office intern in Gov. LePage’s administration.

Honors College members are encouraged in their junior tutorials to study abroad or take part in an alternate learning experience. As Lane was carrying a 21-credit course load, studying abroad wasn’t feasible.

So she pursued the opportunity for an experience in the Governor’s Office and she landed an internship with Cianchette, Gov. LePage’s chief legal counsel.

Lane recounts a number of highlights, including Pardons Board hearings. She relished the internship so much she extended it for a month and wrote a handbook guide for future interns.

In order to graduate in three years with 120 credits, the commuter has taken as many as 21 credits a semester and enrolled in summer classes. She also earned 10 college credits when she was a student at Katahdin Middle/High School, where she was valedictorian of the Class of 2010.

Throughout her college career, Lane has also worked six to 10 hours a week at her father’s logging business in Patten, where she has been employed since she was 13.

During the 1.5-hour drive to Patten, which is home to about 1,000 people, Lane says she listens to music and frequently composes papers in her head.

A calendar and sticky notes help her keep everything on track.

“If it needs to get done, then it is written down on a list somewhere,” she says. “Sometimes, when things get crazy, that includes a note reminding me to take a little time off. I am a planner, I have an end goal and I like to challenge myself.”

Entering her final semester, Lane’s grade-point average was 3.89.

She says her friends and supporters also occasionally remind her to relax, which for her means cooking, reading magazines, gardening and watching movies with her fiancé.

After law school, Lane is considering specializing in employment law or mediation.

Contact: Beth Staples, 207.581.3777

UMaine Alumnus Discusses His Work to End Child Soldiering in Africa

Monday, March 25th, 2013

A University of Maine graduate dedicated to building cultures of peace to prevent new wars and advancing universal secondary education of youth in Africa will deliver the 2013 John M. Rezendes Ethics Lecture on campus April 2.

Arthur Serota, the 2008 winner of UMaine’s Bernard Lown ’42 Alumni Humanitarian Award, is executive director of the nonprofit United Movement to End Child Soldiering (UMECS), based in Washington, D.C.

His free, public talk, “To Look the Other Way or Not: Ethical Choices We Make,” begins at 3:30 p.m. in Hauck Auditorium in the Memorial Union. A reception will follow. For more information or to request disability accommodations, call 581.3263.

In 1966, Serota earned a bachelor’s degree in animal sciences at UMaine and in the ’80s, he lived and worked in the Republic of Zimbabwe, teaching, building schools and taking part in agricultural and reforestation projects.

After witnessing a rebel army invasion in Zimbabwe that included child soldiers, the Brooklyn, N.Y. native helped form UMECS. Its goal, Serota says, is to transition cultures of war to cultures of peace and thereby prevent additional wars, genocides and child soldiering. UMECS provides grassroots, school-based and community-based programs that seek to stimulate access to education, a sustainable culture of peace, female empowerment, environmental management and economic development.

UMECS and the Council on Foreign Relations estimate 300,000 child soldiers are involved in conflicts worldwide — many of them in Africa. In addition, there are many millions more youth directly affected by conflicts.

Millions of traumatized former child soldiers and other youth affected by conflict worldwide need rehabilitation and education in order to reintegrate into society, Serota says. “The decision to provide rehabilitation and education to children and youth affected by conflict and to build cultures of peace to prevent new wars are some of the ethical choices we make,” he says.

Taking part in efforts that save lives, focus on immediate and long-term needs, and transform situations detrimental to human dignity are ethical choices, says Serota, a human rights attorney who earned a law degree from Suffolk University Law School.

In 2000, Dennis Rezendes, ’57, established University of Maine Foundation funds to annually host a visiting scholar in ethics to honor his father, John and to engage staff, students and community members in ethical issues. Honors College and the Cultural Affairs/Distinguished Lecture Series Fund sponsor, in part, the John M. Rezendes Visiting Scholar in Ethics.

Contact: Beth Staples, 207.581.3777

UMaine Community Invited to Hear Presentations by Honors College Dean Candidates

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Members of the UMaine community are invited to hear presentations by the three finalists for the position of Honors College dean. The candidates have been asked to speak on the topic: “Honors Education at the Public Research University.” The candidates’ vitae are online. Their campus presentation schedules: Rhonda Phillips, Associate Dean, Barrett, The Honors College Downtown Campus, Arizona State University, 9:30–10:45 a.m., March 26, Bangor Room, Union; Francois Amar, Associate Professor and Chair of Chemistry, University of Maine, 1:15–2:30 p.m., March 29, Room 3, Wells Conference Center; Steven Shapiro, Professor of Physics and Director of Academic Advising, Guilford College, 9:30–10:45 a.m., April 9, Bangor Room, Union. For more information, contact Dianne Avery, 581.1595.

UMaine’s Paint, Plant and Polish Initiative Enters its Second Year

Monday, March 18th, 2013

The University of Maine’s Paint, Plant and Polish Program, which began last year as a Presidential Initiative, continues to improve the UMaine campus as part of the Blue Sky Plan Pathway 5, chaired by UMaine alumnus John Rohman and co-chaired by Stewart Harvey, executive director of facilities and capital management services.

To improve campus infrastructure and appearance, UMaine President Paul Ferguson initially reallocated approximately $2.5 million. This funding was derived from energy cost-savings realized through improved utility and fuel contracts, increased campuswide efficiencies, as well as overall cost reductions on a one-time basis. Paint, Plant and Polish now will be sustained annually by approximately $320,000 from the newly endowed Hosmer Fund in the University of Maine Foundation.

This first year included more than a dozen campus buildings and academic areas identified as improvement and deferred maintenance priorities by the deans of UMaine’s colleges, including the Honors College, as well as staff of Facilities Management. More than $1.6 million is earmarked for classroom upgrades and improving accessibility, and approximately $800,000 will be directed for painting and minor maintenance to preserve the integrity of campus buildings, including UMaine’s “legacy assets.” Much of the work began last summer and employed numerous local Maine painting and construction companies, as well as elevator, furniture and equipment suppliers.

Paint, Plant and Polish is a four-pronged approach to infrastructure improvement, focusing on classroom upgrades, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) upgrades, energy-saving initiatives and painting projects. Many are aimed at addressing deferred maintenance that has resulted from decades of budget cuts. All will improve the quality of life for students, faculty, staff and visitors on campus, according to Janet Waldron, UMaine’s senior vice president for administration and finance.

“How the campus looks really matters,” Waldron says. “We have a beautiful campus with legacy buildings. The benefit of these investments is improved aesthetics, higher quality classrooms, more accessible facilities, and an enhanced impression of campus for visitors and prospective students.

“Proper stewardship of our infrastructure is important, but also because it makes financial sense. Maintenance costs quadruple if not timely executed,” Waldron says. “Facilities Management is pleased to partner in the initiatives of the Blue Sky Project to care for UMaine’s irreplaceable campus assets, such as Fogler Library.”

Among the buildings slated for improvements:

  • Estabrooke Hall, where the first floor is being renovated for office space for Honors College faculty and the Maine Center for Research in STEM Education (RiSE), as well as an interactive, general-purpose classroom with sophisticated audiovisual equipment. The project is expected to be completed by fall 2013.
  • Fogler Library, which will receive exterior painting and partial first-floor renovation to create additional collaborative academic space for student study groups. Painting was completed last summer and renovations are planned for this summer.
  • Crosby Lab, where an elevator will be installed to provide handicapped access to the second floor, and restrooms will be renovated to meet ADA guidelines. The project is expected to be completed this summer.
  • Clapp Greenhouse, which will receive some upgrades in the south end teaching area. The project is expected to be completed this spring.
  • D.P. Corbett, which received exterior painting last summer, and where desks and seating in two first-floor classrooms will be replaced. The project is expected to be completed this summer.

In addition to the projects associated with the Paint, Plant and Polish Program, several other capital projects are under way that will significantly enhance the UMaine campus, including a $5.2 million Astronomy Center in 2013. Other capital improvement projects:

  • Nutting Hall received a $3.95 million energy upgrade with roof, insulation, façade and window replacements. Construction was completed in late summer.
  • Alumni Hall will receive an estimated $495,000 second-floor renovation and repurposing to relocate the Division of Marketing and Communications from the Keyo Building. While the renovation will address safety, structural and access issues, it will also enable the strategic relocation of Marketing and Communications consistent with the Blue Sky Pathways 2 and 3 through enhanced synergies resulting from the proximity to Enrollment Management, Academic Affairs and Research. Renovation to this historic building will be accomplished in summer 2013 and make available the Keyo Building to support the strategic procurement initiative.
  • Memorial Gym and New Balance Field House will receive a $15 million renovation, made possible by a state-backed revenue bond, gifts from New Balance, the Harold Alfond Foundation, and several other private donors, including Tom and Sally Savage. Renovations are expected to begin May 13.
  • A $6.4 million Wind and Wave Research Facility will be built as a 12,000-square-foot addition to the Offshore Wind Laboratory of the Advanced Structures and Composites Center. The facility will house a robotics laboratory for the manufacture of wind blade components and a 10-meter by 30-meter freshwater basin for testing scale models of scale-model turbines. The 5-meter deep basin will be equipped with wind and wave generators. The facility is funded by a $2.9 million EDA grant and a $3.5 million match from UMaine. Construction will begin in March and is expected to be completed this fall.

Regular updates on projects in the Paint, Plant and Polish Program, as well as other major projects associated with Pathway 5 to promote our stewardship of place at UMaine can be found on the Blue Sky Implementation website.

Contact: Margaret Nagle, 207.581.3745

UMaine Community Teams up with Penobscot Theatre Co.

Friday, March 8th, 2013

University of Maine faculty will take part in a series of events surrounding the Penobscot Theatre Co. production of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play “Wit.”

Jesse Moriarity, coordinator of the Foster Center for Student Innovation, will host “Stories of Survival” at 7 p.m. Saturday, March 16 at the Bangor Opera House. Offered in partnership with Bangor Area Story Slam, audience members are invited to tell their stories of survival at the free event. Call 207.942.3333 to register. Women in the Curriculum and Women’s Studies Program Spring 2013 Lunch Series will also hold a panel discussion based on the play and focused on cancer and women’s health from 12–1:20 p.m. March 19 in the Bangor Room of the Memorial Union. The play’s cast and director will also visit Mimi Killinger’s Cultural Odyssey class in the Honors College on March 27.

“Wit” was the first play written by Margaret Edson and was inspired by her experience working in a hospital oncology unit. Tickets can be purchased online or through the box office at 207.942.3333.

UMaine Student, Faculty Member Win International Digital Humanities Award

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

A University of Maine graduate student and a faculty member have received an international Digital Humanities Award for their work in digital humanities, which combines studies and information in liberal arts and humanities with computer technology for storage, sharing or exploring research. In recognition of their collaborative Digital Humanities Toolbox UMaine history doctoral candidate Rob Gee and Honors College and Maine Studies faculty member Katherine O’Flaherty won first place in the category “Best Professional Resource for Learning About or Doing DH Work.” Nominations for the awards, which recognize excellence in digital humanities in six categories, came from around the international digital humanities community. Members of the public chose the winners through online balloting. Gee and O’Flaherty were nominated in two categories: “Best DH Blog, Article, or Short Publication” for their post “Summer Project: Start a Digital History Toolbox,” available online and “Best Professional Resource for Learning About or Doing DH Work” for their Digital Humanities Tool Box.

UMaine Student, Faculty Member Up for Digital Humanities Award

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Members of the UMaine community have an opportunity to support the nominations of UMaine history doctoral candidate Rob Gee and Honors College and Maine Studies Program faculty member Katherine O’Flaherty for two international awards in recognition of their work in the digital humanities.

The public may vote until midnight, Sunday, Feb. 17 on the Digital Humanities Award website.

Gee and O’Flaherty are nominated in two categories: “Best DH Blog, Article, or Short Publication” for their post “Summer Project: Start a Digital History Toolbox” available online and “Best Professional Resource for Learning About or Doing DH Work” for their “Digital Humanities Tool Box,” also available online.

The 2012 DH Awards recognize excellence in digital humanities in a number of categories. Nominations for DH Awards came from around the digital humanities community and were overseen by a nominations committee consisting of James Cummings at the University of Oxford; Craig Bellamy of the University of Melbourne; Sheila Brennan of George Mason University; Marjorie Burghart at the École des Haute Études en Sciences Sociales, Lyon; and Kiyonori Nagasaki of the International Institute for Digital Humanities.

UMaine Student Finds Her Voice in an Ancient Art Form

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Artist Caroline Robe describes the past year in two words: tough love. Tough, because she began a self-study of one of the most archaic, difficult painting mediums — egg tempera. Love, because the arduous journey resulted in unequivocal success in an art form that she says suits her personality and her voice.

“I’m inclined to be less urban, off the beaten path,” says Robe, a University of Maine student from Waterville, Maine, who completed her studio art degree last December. “Egg tempera is an old painting style that’s not common and not designed for ease. But it’s a very conceptual medium.

“Using a medium that requires so much preparation indulges my interest in manual processes and allows for a great range of expression — from the earliest stages of building the birch panel to the final thin glazes.”

In fall 2011, Robe discovered her passion for what is considered one of the oldest painting mediums when she studied abroad at the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts in Greece.

“The experience opened me up to following my own path and trusting my intuition,” she says. “I realized this is something I could do for the rest of my life.”

For a month, Robe also traveled through Italy, studying pre-Renaissance and Renaissance art, with particular interest in the egg tempera works that used pigments mixed with a binder — egg yolk — to make paints that were applied in multiple glazes to rigid support surfaces, such as boards. When she returned to UMaine, she established a studio in her Orono apartment and started her honors thesis — an exploration on modern-day egg tempera painting.

“Egg tempera is a technical process that results in unparalleled beauty. It has a romance to it,” says Robe. “In the 13th to 15th centuries, it was meant to be a literary art. And that’s what I wanted to do through my artwork — tell stories.”

In her self-study of the technically difficult egg tempera painting process, Robe consulted her thesis adviser Ed Nadeau and took an independent study with James Linehan, both UMaine artists and professors. She read countless books on the medium.

She also studied the works of the 20th-century master of egg tempera — Andrew Wyeth. And she trusted herself “to find my own way in this medium.”

“Egg tempera doesn’t imitate the lushness of reality like oil. It’s linear, flat and smooth, inviting the viewer to interact with the painting in a more intellectual, conceptual way,” Robe says.

Within a year, Robe found her own means of expression in egg tempera — from making her own paints to building her 8-foot by 5.5-foot narrative panels.

“In the large narrative works like my thesis painting (titled “For you I bring with reverent hands, beauty won from darkest hours”) there’s a lot of symbolism and personal mythology,” Robe says. “It is a narrative of transformation. It’s about falling in love with vernacular space.

“This also is feminist artwork — a narrative about women and my own empowerment. Creating this large egg tempera was a feminist act. There are few egg tempera female painters. Even when it was particularly challenging, I felt it necessary to go past self-censoring to show that young females can make big paintings, do big things, too.”

Robe admits that there were times early on in her year of self-guided study that the challenges seemed insurmountable and she contemplated switching mediums.

“When (Sandro) Botticelli was doing it (in the 15th century), he had a shop full of assistants helping him,” she says. “There’s a lot in the process that takes time, but I needed a challenge.

“Now it’s transformed my identity, from an average level of commitment by a college art student to an artist who is rabidly invested in doing this work,” says Robe, who hopes to return for more study in Europe and eventually to pursue a Master of Fine Arts. “For me, it is the intersection of daily life, peace and women’s activism.”

Contact: Margaret Nagle, 207.581.3745

Fall 2012 Deans List

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Recently the University of Maine recognized 2,035 students for achieving Deans List honors in the Fall 2012 semester. Of the students who made the Deans List, 1,696 are from Maine, 277 are from out of state, and 62 are from foreign countries.

Listed below are students who received Deans List honors for the 2012 Fall Semester:

Please note that some students have requested that their information not be released; therefore, their names are not included.

Last First Name City State Country
Abdi Hashim Orono ME
Abrams Molly Cutler ME
Abrego Miguel Arraijan Panama
Achey Arron Newmanstown PA
Achorn Stephen Naples ME
Ackerson Nathan Presque Isle ME
Adams Amy Eddington ME
Adams Heather Winterport ME
Adams Jefferson Hampden ME
Adams Justina Biddeford ME
Affleck Damien Enfield NH
Ahmady Naveed Windham ME
Ahrens Lucas Melrose MA
Albert Melissa Madawaska ME
Albert Samuel Eagle Lake ME
Albert Seth Old Orchard Beach ME
Alberts Kristen South China ME
Alexander Daniel Farmingdale ME
Alexandrou Yvette Alna ME
Algeo Benjamin Raymond ME
Allen Rebecca Pittston ME
Allen Samuel Brooklin ME
Alley James Hampden ME
Allison Michael LYNDEN ON Canada
Almarri Salma Orono ME
Amabile Monica Scarborough ME
Anderson Ashley Manchester ME
Anderson Courtney Greene ME
Anderson Emily Weybridge VT
Anderson Heather Jonesboro ME
Andrei Sydney Windham ME
Andreozzi Samantha Rockville RI
Andrews Catherine Upton MA
Anthoine Mark Lewiston ME
Applegate Thomas Lewiston ME
Arbo Greg Portland ME
Arbo Timothy Belfast ME
Armstrong Gillian Stow ME
Armstrong Kelsey Elkridge MD
Ascanio Samuel South Portland ME
Audette Colin Brunswick ME
Austin Matthew Medway ME
Avakian Grace Gouldsboro ME
Ba Mamadou Old Town ME
Babineau Ariana Easton ME
Badeau Brandon Barre VT
Bai Jinlun Kunming China
Bailey Ashley Limerick ME
Bailey Michael Orono ME
Bailey Michael Waterville ME
Bailey Ryan Milo ME
Baker Cherith Bangor ME
Ballanger Ashley Bancroft ME
Barber Ian Gorham ME
Barker James Jay ME
Barker William North Andover MA
Barletta Anthony Mahopac NY
Barnes Emily Weare NH
Barra Daniel Wells ME
Barra Veronika Wells ME
Barret Kelly Farmington CT
Barry Jean Bangor ME
Bartlett Emily Bradley ME
Bartlett Lucas Oakland ME
Bartos Katherine Greene ME
Bastarache Terri Gorham ME
Beacham Gwendolyn Farmington ME
Beauchemin Marc Saco ME
Beauchemin Michelle Saco ME
Beaudry Bethany Windsor ME
Beaulier Abbigale Berwick ME
Beaulieu Brooke Fort Fairfield ME
Beckett Cody Lynn MA
Beckwith Sydney Perham ME
Bedard Ciera Owls Head ME
Beeskau Stephanie Kittery ME
Beland Bianca Barkhamsted CT
Belisle Haley Campbell Yarmouth ME
Bell Devin Belgrade ME
Bellinger Joshua Bethel ME
Belliveau Alexander Kittery ME
Bemis Barbara Westfield MA
Bennett Alan Gray ME
Benoit Mitchell Cape Neddick ME
Berenyi Kali Searsport ME
Berger Olivia Bethel CT
Berger Sophie Waldoboro ME
Bergeron Abigail Hampden ME
Bergeron Andrew Augusta ME
Bergeron Audrey Orono ME
Beringer Emily Old Town ME
Berkey Zoe Duncan BC Canada
Bernardi Lucas Nobleboro ME
Bernhardt Celina Bangor ME
Bernier Megan Lincoln ME
Berta Hannah Rockport ME
Berube Maxwell South Portland ME
Bhatta Abhinav Kathmandu Nepal
Bickford Mary Kathleen Belfast ME
Bickford Robert Milford ME
Bijman Lisa BRANTFORD ON Canada
Billings Ryan West Paris ME
Binette Felicia Auburn ME
Bird Kendra Bangor ME
Bis Sylvia Elmwood Park NJ
Bisher Erika Bucksport ME
Bishop Sarah Orono ME
Black Brailee Trenton ME
Blais Benjamin New Gloucester ME
Blakeman Hannah North Sutton NH
Blanchard Brian Thorndike ME
Blanchard Stuart Winthrop ME
Blanchard Vanessa Carmel ME
Blankenship Macie Milford ME
Blauvelt Samuel Windham ME
Bleeker Angela Windham NH
Bloss Amanda Litchfield ME
Boardman Emily Wakefield RI
Bode Danielle Orono ME
Bodwell Blake Brunswick ME
Bogdanovich Alexis South Portland ME
Bolduc Alicia Norridgewock ME
Bolduc Carrie Cumberland ME
Bolduc Eric Dixfield ME
Bolduc Kelsey Oakland ME
Bolduc Lydia Rome ME
Bolinger Justin Gorham ME
Bolinger Siobhan Gorham ME
Bond Emily Milford ME
Bondeson Finn Woodland ME
Bonnar Kellen Topsham ME
Bonney Megan Bethel ME
Bonsaint Mara Brunswick ME
Bonsey Kourtney Kennebunk ME
Bonsey Samuel Kennebunk ME
Bopp Cameron Unionville CT
Borer Mary Mariaville ME
Borsky Alexander Princeton MA
Boss Hannah Hampden ME
Bosse Ryan Veazie ME
Bothen Ariel Mount Desert ME
Bouchard Dylan Greenville ME
Bouchard Kelsea Winslow ME
Bouchard Nicholas Oakland ME
Bouchard Nichole Milford ME
Boucher Katherine East Lyme CT
Boucher Mark Madawaska ME
Boucher Matthew Madawaska ME
Boucher Zachary Goffstown NH
Boulette Ariel Sabattus ME
Bourgeois-Capozzi Daniel Bangor ME
Bourque Blake Belgrade ME
Bousquet Julia South Berwick ME
Bousquet-Smith Brian Bowdoinham ME
Boutin Monique York ME
Bovie Marissa Vassalboro ME
Bowden Abigail Sedgwick ME
Bowden Sara Hampden ME
Bowen Lakota Blue Hill ME
Bowers Sarah Westwood MA
Bowley Jenna Bowdoin ME
Bowman Alexis Waterville ME
Bowring Nathan Vassalboro ME
Brackett Shawn Auburn ME
Brackett Taylor Auburn ME
Bradford Abigail Westport Island ME
Bradica Meaghan STONEY CREEK ON Canada
Bradley Brandi Scarborough ME
Bradshaw Paige Rockland ME
Bragdon Jenna Orono ME
Brasslett Roger Brewer ME
Breard Jonathan Bangor ME
Breau Katherine Freeport ME
Brenner Shannon Casco ME
Bress Joseph Amherst MA
Breton Gretel Greenville ME
Brewer Addison Bangor ME
Brickel Amy Hampden ME
Bridges David Augusta ME
Bridges Meagan Hermon ME
Briggs Alexander Pownal ME
Briggs Allison Chelsea ME
Briglio Justin Saulte Ste Marie ON Canada
Brooker Courtney Fort Fairfield ME
Brooker Jamie Bangor ME
Brooks Emma Standish ME
Brooks Hayley Cushing ME
Brown Adam Scarborough ME
Brown Caitlynn Portland ME
Brown Chelsea Bangor ME
Brown Danika Carmel ME
Brown Jordan Augusta ME
Brown Joshua Biddeford ME
Brown Kaylon Freeport ME
Brown Kevin Hampden ME
Brown Lance Bethel ME
Brown Meredith Dixfield ME
Brown Michael Old Town ME
Brown Parker Houlton ME
Brown Robert Mount Vernon ME
Brown Samantha South Paris ME
Brown Terrance Millinocket ME
Brundage Jonathan Burlington CT
Brunton Mark Brewer ME
Bruton William Holden ME
Bryant Emily Brunswick ME
Buchak Timothy Lagrange ME
Buck Jacob Mapleton ME
Buck Kelsey Chapman ME
Bucklin Benjamin Searsport ME
Bundy Mariah Bryant Pond ME
Bunn Connor Mertztown PA
Buntrock Hilary Rye NH
Burgess Anna Dedham ME
Burne Courtney Topsham ME
Burnett Hannah Ellsworth ME
Burnham Carl Greenbush ME
Burns Christopher Old Town ME
Burns Jason Augusta ME
Burns Nathan Whitefield ME
Burns Rachele Gorham ME
Burton Ashley Portland ME
Bussell Kelly Parkman ME
Bussell Lucas Parkman ME
Buthlay Alison Freeport ME
Butler Daniel Bangor ME
Buttarazzi Colin Arundel ME
Butterfield Nicole Bangor ME
Buxton Amy Orono ME
Buzzell Tiffany Waterville ME
Byrne Daniel Westbrook ME
Byrne Jessica Milford NH
Calder Brittney Portland ME
Call Helen Dresden ME
Callahan Scott Biddeford ME
Callaway Mykel West Rockport ME
Cambron Hawk Milford ME
Campbell Alexander Freeport ME
Campbell Katherine Hampden ME
Campbell Laura Saco ME
Campbell Morgen Hamden CT
Campbell Rayna New Gloucester ME
Capossela Kara Cos Cob CT
Caputo Nina Canaan NH
Carey Devon Fairlee VT
Carfagno Henry Sangerville ME
Carle Brandy Calais ME
Carlson Benjamin Gorham NH
Caron Sarah Holden ME
Carrier Devin Lewiston ME
Carroll Antonia Bangor ME
Carroll Kathleen Mesa AZ
Carter Erin South Berwick ME
Carter Mindy Blue Hill ME
Casavant Brendan Westbrook ME
Casey Conner Washington DC
Casey Shawn Veazie ME
Castiglia Rachel Eddington ME
Castonguay Chelsea Stetson ME
Cates Morgan Camden ME
Cavanaugh Paul Calais ME
Cegielski Alex Fryeburg ME
Chabe Matthew Bangor ME
Chadbourne Sarah Bangor ME
Chalmers Jennifer Foxboro MA
Chamberlain Thad Benton ME
Chamberlain Whitney Scarborough ME
Chamberland Adam Auburn ME
Chaney Rachel Falmouth ME
Chang Lydia Petaling Jaya SL Malaysia
Chapman Brittney Bangor ME
Chapman Jordan Columbia MD
Chase Caron Canaan ME
Chase John Lee ME
Chase Rachel Warren ME
Chasse Suzanne Kenduskeag ME
Chauvette Alyssa Westbrook ME
Chavaree Catherine Bangor ME
Chavis Hannah Fairfield ME
Cheetham Ashley Litchfield ME
Chelberg Bradley Hermon ME
Cheney Sydney Falmouth ME
Chesley Benjamin Pittston ME
Choi Myungji Milford Korea, Republic of
Choiniere Michael Brunswick ME
Chu Connor Winthrop ME
Church Patrick Lancaster NH
Churchill Spencer Rome ME
Cirrinone Amy Hampden ME
Cirrinone Benjamin Hampden ME
Claar Joseph Orono ME
Clabby Robert Yarmouth ME
Clark Adam Bangor ME
Clark Daniel Bangor ME
Clark Hilary Poland ME
Clark Jesse Calais ME
Clark John Fairfield CT
Clark Melanie Chatham MA
Clark Shannon Orono ME
Clarke Mamie Sebec ME
Claussen Rachel North Granby CT
Cleaves Justin Sangerville ME
Clemens Bradley Bar Harbor ME
Clement Jessi Levant ME
Clement Katy Berwick ME
Clement Kiley Rumford ME
Cliff Audrey Hermon ME
Clifford Julie Bangor ME
Cline Tyler Brewer ME
Closson Andrew Hampden ME
Cloutier Catharine Liberty ME
Cloutier Meagan Calais ME
Cloutier Nathen Bowdoin ME
Cloutier Taylor Greene ME
Co Aileen Orono ME
Co Aimee Orono ME
Cobb Casey Masardis ME
Coffey Emma Bangor ME
Coffin Chelsea West Bath ME
Cogley Brian Roxbury ME
Colburn Shelby Eddington ME
Cole Dylan Hampden ME
Cole Marshall Rockland ME
Colesworthy Peter North Yarmouth ME
Collett Blaise Orono ME
Collette John Lewiston ME
Collins Alexander South China ME
Collins Annie Caribou ME
Collins Daniel Williamstown NJ
Collins Dylan Woburn MA
Collins Emily West Gardiner ME
Collins Emily Caribou ME
Collins Kayla Caribou ME
Comins Joshua Bangor ME
Conant Justin Canton ME
Conley Thomas Winthrop ME
Conlin Sarah Bangor ME
Connelly Meghan Wells ME
Conner Aimee Bangor ME
Conner Benjamin Steep Falls ME
Conner Corey West Townsend MA
Connerty-Marin Zachary Falmouth ME
Connolly Katelyn South Berwick ME
Connolly Michael Bridgewater MA
Connor Courtney Kittery ME
Connors Michael Waterville ME
Conroy Kevin Falmouth ME
Cooledge Danielle Scarborough ME
Cooney Lynne Westport Island ME
Copeland Theresa Holden ME
Copp Jason Madison ME
Corbin Amanda Sabattus ME
Corbly Tyler Eliot ME
Corey Emily Hermon ME
Cormier Jacqueline Sullivan ME
Cornell Michael Franklin MA
Corrow Allison North Yarmouth ME
Cosgrove Jeri Bangor ME
Cote Brittany Hudson ME
Cote Erika Brewer ME
Cote Robert Biddeford ME
Cotier Amanda Boothbay ME
Coulombe Emily Augusta ME
Courtney Alexandra Saco ME
Courtney Shannon Franklin MA
Cousens Jadrien Newburgh ME
Cousins Adam Sedgwick ME
Cousins Meagan Milford ME
Cowan Horatio Rockland ME
Cowan Rebecca Orrington ME
Cowperthwaite Robert Bangor ME
Cox Sean Bar Harbor ME
Coyle Ciaran Lebanon NH
Coyne Katherine Barrington RI
Craig Jennifer Bucksport ME
Cramb Alyssa New Boston NH
Cramer Camille Milo ME
Crocker Mason Gorham ME
Crockett Kaitlin South Paris ME
Cromwell Jackson Westport Island ME
Cronin Nora Madison NH
Cross Jacob Brewer ME
Cross Jenna Bangor ME
Crouse Heidi Milford ME
Cullenberg E Kelton Chesterville ME
Cummings Kerry Westport Island ME
Cummings Sharon Argyle Twp ME
Cunningham Morgan Roxbury ME
Cunningham Taylor Beverly MA
Curnan William Bangor ME
Curran Mallory Bangor ME
Currie Sierra South China ME
Currier Jessica Brewer ME
Curry Ethan Pittsfield ME
Curtis Jesse Etna ME
Curtis Kimberly Winslow ME
Curtis-Bray Nicole Waldoboro ME
Cushing Troy Boothbay Harbor ME
Cyr Destinee Biddeford ME
Cyr Jordanne Bangor ME
Cyr Nathaniel Millinocket ME
D’Alfonso Cara Falmouth ME
D’Amico James Brewer ME
Dagher Christiana Veazie ME
Daigle Devon Lewiston ME
Daigle Jacques Madawaska ME
Daigle Katrina Glenburn ME
Daigle Lauren Glenburn ME
Damboise Shaunna Fayette ME
Damon Troy Brewer ME
Dana Cassandra Indian Twp ME
Dandy Michael Old Town ME
Daneau Alexis Lawrence MA
Danforth Ashley Hampden ME
Danforth Katherine Hampden ME
Dao Kimberly Biddeford ME
Dapice Coralie Brewer ME
Darkis Jessie Orono ME
Darkis Jessie Orono ME
Davey James-Russell Brunswick ME
Davies Andrew Eliot ME
Davis Brittany Westbrook ME
Davis Elijah Palmyra ME
Davis Kelsey Deer Isle ME
Davis Samantha Holden ME
Day George Rumford ME
Daybranch Ruby South Paris ME
DeBlois Nicklaus Sidney ME
DeGroot Sarah Biddeford ME
DeLisle Allison Rome ME
DeMaris Sarah Lagrange ME
DeMello Sara Rochester MA
DeRaps Kelsey Bangor ME
DeRoche Katie Sanford ME
DeRocher Nathan Augusta ME
DeRoy Joseph Gorham ME
DeSchiffart Joanna Cherryfield ME
Dean Audrey Lincoln ME
Deane Zachary Orono ME
Deering Alexi Jay ME
Degnan Heather Cranston RI
Dehetre April Sanford ME
DelPrete Nicholas Rockland MA
Delong Joshua Auburn ME
Demerchant Craig Kenduskeag ME
Demmons Jody Bangor ME
Denbow Chad Lubec ME
Denduang Anderson Stockton Springs ME
Dennis Erik Turner ME
Densmore Drew New Gloucester ME
Deputy Katherine Hockessin DE
Deschesne Matthew Brewer ME
Deshon Jacquelyn Dover NH
Desjardins Lucas Bangor ME
Desjardins Tyler Brewer ME
Desmond Logan Oakfield ME
Desrosier Joshua Hebron ME
Desveaux Marcus Wells ME
Detlefsen Ashlyn Norway ME
Deveaux Desirae North Andover MA
Devers Connor North Attleboro MA
Devine Kristina Orland ME
Devoe Nathaniel Augusta ME
Dewey Marley Falmouth ME
Dhuy Allison East Millinocket ME
DiBenedetti Amanda Washington ME
DiLorenzo Britnee Hollis ME
Dibie Ogheneruona Kaduna Nigeria
Dickey Amanda Norridgewock ME
Dickinson Jaden Skowhegan ME
Dickson Andrew Merrimack NH
Diehl Abigail Gray ME
Dill Victoria Lincoln ME
Dillon Kelsey Scarborough ME
Dimick Taylor Portland ME
Dixit Dilasha Kathmandu Nepal
Doane Megan Orrington ME
Dolloff Charles Cumberland Center ME
Dolloff Thomas Cumberland Center ME
Dong Hong Yi Paco Philippines
Donor Ashley Tolland CT
Donovan Laura Veazie ME
Dood Megan Readfield ME
Dooling Kelly South Portland ME
Doran Andrew Scarborough ME
Dorr Dustin Wiscasset ME
Doucette Benjamin Van Buren ME
Doughty Mollie Scituate MA
Douston Garth Arundel ME
Dow Lillian Millinocket ME
Downer Tori Cape Elizabeth ME
Downey Daniel Portland ME
Downing Justin Palmyra ME
Downing Kimberly North Berwick ME
Downs Patricia West Gardiner ME
Doyle Elyse Gray ME
Doyle Frances Stockton Springs ME
Doyon Tyler Saco ME
Dragon Benjamin Orrington ME
Drazhi Albano Tirane Albania
Drew Joshua Houlton ME
Driver Randilyn Old Town ME
Drown Jordan South Portland ME
Drown Lydia Bangor ME
Dubay Simone Dover NH
Dube Cecilia Winterport ME
Dube Stephanie Eagle Lake ME
Dubois Amanda Auburn ME
Dubois Shannon Bangor ME
Duca Kyle Alton Bay NH
Dudley Bethany Raymond ME
Duff Katelyn Linneus ME
Duffany Zane Otisfield ME
Dufresne-Dixon Marie Auburn ME
Duggan Jared Buxton ME
Duggan Michael Acton MA
Duhaime Brianna Hull MA
Dumas James Lewiston ME
Dumont Joseph Oakland ME
Dunbar Elizabeth Southwest Harbor ME
Dunleavey Michael Gouldsboro ME
Dunn Caroline Auburn ME
Dunn Dale Ammon ID
Dunn Nathan Berwick ME
Dunning Cory Orrington ME
Dunning Mackenzie Hampden ME
Dunphy Megan Pittsfield ME
Dunton Samantha Winterport ME
Dupuis Brandon Winthrop ME
Duran Laura Falmouth ME
Dwyer Mark Bangor ME
Dyer Emily Bristol RI
Dyer Jessica Brooksville ME
Easterby Michael Orono ME
Eastman Ronald Lewiston ME
Eaton Audra Stonington ME
Eaton Layla Sunset ME
Ecker Brianne Orrington ME
Edgerly Scott Surry ME
Edgerton Rashon Brunswick ME
Edwards Ashley West Suffield CT
Edwards Autumn Lincoln ME
Edwards Christie Scarborough ME
Edwards Kelly Pownal ME
Eldridge Erin Brunswick ME
Eldridge Kellie Amston CT
Eldridge William Gorham ME
Elias Simon Madison ME
Elliott Megan Brunswick ME
Ellsworth Naomi Greenwood ME
Elmer Casey Northfield VT
Elwell Abigail Hartland ME
Elwell Caleb Hartland ME
Emajoe Liis Tallinn Estonia
Emhart Taylor Vinalhaven ME
Engelhart Karl Nashua NH
England Trevor Greenville NC
English Ben Kilruddery, Bray WCKLOW Ireland
Engroff Aaron Baileyville ME
Ennamorati Julianna Waldoboro ME
Eremita Sarah Bangor ME
Ericson Carleton Yarmouth ME
Errico Thomas Kennebunk ME
Estrup Andrew Kennebunk ME
Eugley Sarah Lewiston ME
Evans Austin Berwick ME
Evrard Vanessa Gorham ME
Fagone Michael Portland ME
Fairbanks Ashleigh Levant ME
Fairfield Benjamin Westport Island ME
Farley Nicklaus Orono ME
Farnham Felicia South Portland ME
Farr Allison Cumberland Center ME
Farrell Anne Portland ME
Farrell Elizabeth Old Town ME
Farrell Kara-Beth Lincoln ME
Farrington David Jay ME
Fasano Robert Jefferson ME
Fatula John Bradley ME
Fearing Sarah Union ME
Feehan Keri Lunenburg MA
Feeney Kaitlyn Hermon ME
Felix Michael Amesbury MA
Fellows Ryan Readfield ME
Ferguson Nickolas Sidney ME
Ferry Shauna Bowdoinham ME
Feuka Abigail Perry MI
Findlen Paige Old Town ME
Finer Matthew Annandale NJ
Finn Molly Lewiston ME
Finnemore Jacob York ME
Finnemore Luke Caribou ME
Fiore Kimberly Bangor ME
Fischang Colby Oakland ME
Fish Amy Mountville PA
Fisher Elizabeth Winslow ME
Fiske Peter Norwood MA
Fiske Victoria East Millinocket ME
FitzGerald Michael Topsham ME
Fitzpatrick Kelsey Houlton ME
Fitzpatrick Shannon North Yarmouth ME
Flanders Lauren Lexington MA
Flanders Lauren Lexington MA
Fleming Kara Bangor ME
Fletcher Jennifer South Portland ME
Flora Richard Presque Isle ME
Florence Michayla Voluntown CT
Flournoy Alice Cerrillos NM
Flye Melissa Plymouth ME
Flynn Brian Rocky Hill CT
Foehrenbach Frances Saco ME
Fogarty Brittany Stacyville ME
Fogg Kailey Saco ME
Fogg Linda Topsham ME
Folan Molly Gorham ME
Foley Erin Winterport ME
Folger Chelsea South Berwick ME
Folger Madelyn South Berwick ME
Folsom Alison Saco ME
Folsom Shannon Saco ME
Ford Jameson Falmouth ME
Ford Natasha Vancouver BC Canada
Forsythe Kyle Harrison ME
Fortin Christina Hampden ME
Fossa Danielle Waterville ME
Foster Andrew Jefferson ME
Foster Ethan Old Town ME
Foster Samuel Saco ME
Fouchereaux Thomas Yarmouth ME
Frame Taylor Belgrade Lakes ME
Francis-Mezger Pascal Searsport ME
Frankel Jonah Buffalo Grove IL
Fraser Emily Brewer ME
Fraser Gregory Lake Forest IL
Frazer Robert Canaan ME
Frazier Nathan Hermon ME
Freeman Maxfield North Yarmouth ME
French Eleanora South China ME
French Timothy Searsport ME
Freshley Dana Brunswick ME
Fricks Joseph Brunswick ME
Fried Nicholas Millerstown PA
Frost Sarah Franklin ME
Fulford Patrick Kennebunk ME
Futcher Lydia Belfast ME
Gagne Eliot Gorham ME
Gagne Jordan Manchester NH
Gagne Kelly Springvale ME
Gagnon Nolan Washburn ME
Gagnon Sarah Old Town ME
Gagnon Victoria Madawaska ME
Gajic Ema Jagodina Republic of Serbia
Galgano Elise Cape Elizabeth ME
Gallagher Paige BEDFORD NS Canada
Gallant Cory York ME
Galle Nathan Kittery ME
Garbe Ryan Albion ME
Garcia Alexandria Old Town ME
Garcia Joseph Etna ME
Garcia Rafael Brewster NY
Garfield Jared Windham NH
Garrity Carolyn Trumbauersville PA
Garrity Jacqueline Orono ME
Gauvin Christopher Brewer ME
Gay Colin Holliston MA
Gay Jonathan Deblois ME
Geary Brenden South Hadley MA
Geheb Ethan Cumberland Foreside ME
Geldermann Hallie Bristol NH
Gelinas Robert Orono ME
Gendreau Deejay Madawaska ME
Genz Christina Beacon Falls CT
George Vanessa Chesapeake City MD
Gerson Erik Melrose MA
Gibbons David Orono ME
Gibbons James Ogunquit ME
Gibbs Wendy Brooks ME
Giddings Christian Milford ME
Gilbert Christine Furlong PA
Gilbert Scott Vassalboro ME
Gillibrand Brianna Cape Neddick ME
Gillies Chelsea Brewer ME
Girard Michele North Yarmouth ME
Glenn Candra Wells ME
Glidden Eric Marshfield MA
Goggin Jason South China ME
Golden Caroline Westbrook ME
Golden Nicole Bangor ME
Goldshein Laura Orono ME
Gonyar Ryan Bangor ME
Good Logan Presque Isle ME
Goode Andrew Boothbay ME
Goode Dorothy Levant ME
Goode Sarah Westford MA
Goodridge Allison Bowdoin ME
Goodwin Kyle Wells ME
Goodwin Travis Old Town ME
Goranson Hillary Cumberland ME
Gordon-Magro Ciara Bangor ME
Gorham Tanika Lewiston ME
Gori Lindsey South Berwick ME
Goss Michael Mechanic Falls ME
Gottlieb Benjamin Boothbay ME
Gouin Elizabeth Old Town ME
Gould Christopher Hampden ME
Gould Joseph Whitefield ME
Goulette Shawn Dexter ME
Gowen Hannah Westbrook ME
Graham Kelly Merrimack NH
Gramse Stephanie Falmouth ME
Grant Aaron Bangor ME
Grant Justin Lisbon Falls ME
Grant Nicholas Berwick ME
Graves Leland Bangor ME
Gray Taylor Orono ME
Greeley Sean Bowdoinham ME
Green Corben Fort Fairfield ME
Gregory Steven Millinocket ME
Grenier Ariel Albion ME
Griffeth Chelsea Caribou ME
Griffith Erin Brewer ME
Griffith William Brewer ME
Grillo John Kennebunk ME
Gross Oleg Scarborough ME
Grotz Sarah Woolwich ME
Grover Haley Old Town ME
Grover Hannah East Vassalboro ME
Grover Melinda Newburgh ME
Guerino Delaney Durham NH
Guerrette Jaime Milford ME
Guild Cameron Manchester ME
Gulliver Travis South Portland ME
Guo Mengting Orono ME
Gurney Mercedes Rumford ME
Gusmini Shannon Natick MA
Gustafson Christopher New Sweden ME
Gustin Morgan Merrill ME
Gustin Vance Merrill ME
Guzman-Ramirez Silvestre Levant ME
Gwarjanski Andrew Poland ME
Ha Ji-hye Old Town ME
Hackett Ashten Auburn ME
Haddow Hamish Buxton ME
Hadley James Old Town ME
Hadley Justin Old Town ME
Hale Ellin Phippsburg ME
Halfman Maggie Fond Du Lac WI
Hall Bradford Bangor ME
Hall Brandon Orono ME
Hall Catherine Bangor ME
Hall Jordan Windham ME
Hall Patrick Glenburn ME
Hall Ryan Jefferson ME
Hall Zachary Lebanon ME
Hallgren Jacob Berlin NH
Hamilton Abraham Whitefield ME
Hamilton Mary Old Town ME
Hamm Emma Searsmont ME
Hanc Ryan Thomaston ME
Hancock Jennifer Eddington ME
Hanselman Kevin Holden ME
Hansen Kaiya Orono ME
Hanson Benjamin Bangor ME
Hanzl Emma Lebanon ME
Hardiman Ryan Brookline MA
Harding Drew Barre VT
Harding Margaret Ellsworth ME
Hardison Mathew Durham ME
Hardy Emily Hermon ME
Hardy Emma Veazie ME
Hardy Sean Norway ME
Harkins Matthew Bernard ME
Harnden Jodi Wilton ME
Harriman Alexandra Brewer ME
Harriman Lorna Troy ME
Harrington Katherine Cumberland Center ME
Harris Alendra Auburn ME
Harris Fawn Hermon ME
Hartin Shelby Crystal ME
Harvell Joshua Farmington ME
Harvey Johanna South China ME
Harvey Matthew Fort Kent ME
Harvey Naja Saint Paul MN
Harvey Nicholas Corinth ME
Hashmi Nabeel Veazie ME
Hatch Ashley Nottingham NH
Hatch Christopher Litchfield ME
Hatch Jacob Portland ME
Hatch Jessica Brewer ME
Hatfield Jordann Jefferson NH
Hathaway Katie Veazie ME
Hathaway Spencer Turner ME
Hauser Alexandra Topsham ME
Hawes Jennifer Candia NH
Hawkins Tabatha Norway ME
Hayden Abigail Surry ME
Hayden Anna Brewer ME
Hayes Darren Plymouth ME
Hayford Andrew Cape Neddick ME
Heald Lindsay Litchfield ME
Heald Tina West Enfield ME
Heath Allison Berwick ME
Heath Sean Old Town ME
Heathcote Samuel Holden ME
Hebert Lauren Jay ME
Hebert Michael Portland ME
Hebert Sydney Westbrook ME
Hegarty Holly Dixmont ME
Heikkinen Mikael Auburn ME
Hein Katy Holden ME
Helmick Cory Old Town ME
Helsor Logan Lincoln ME
Henderson Zackary Bangor ME
Heno Timothy Franklin MA
Herbert Ryan Brewer ME
Herlihy John Brewer ME
Hermansen Kai Old Town ME
Hernandez Marcy Houlton ME
Herrick Robert Topsham ME
Hibbs Ryan Millinocket ME
Hickey Robert Old Town ME
Hidu Erica Hampden ME
Higgins Desiree Presque Isle ME
Higgins Marisa Stockton Springs ME
Higgins Shannon Stockton Springs ME
Hill Madelaine BRAMPTON ON Canada
Hill Stephanie Brunswick ME
Hillman Kate Fairfield ME
Hilt Abigail Warren ME
Hinckley Gardner Jefferson ME
Hinkle Emily Kittery ME
Hinkley Miranda Turner ME
Hoak Sarah Cambridge ME
Hodder Emmett North Haven ME
Hoffman Melissa Madison CT
Hogan Sarah Falmouth ME
Holland Lauren Canterbury CT
Honnell Robert Bradley ME
Hood Leslie Bangor ME
Hope Meghan Bangor ME
Hopkins Kendal Blue Hill ME
Horan Jessica Orono ME
Horgan Katrina Scarborough ME
Horne Molly Holden ME
Houlihan Devan Auburn ME
Howard Aubrie Fryeburg ME
Howard Colleen Cape Elizabeth ME
Howard Melissa Damariscotta ME
Howatt Ryan Farmington ME
Howitt Jennifer Lyman ME
Hoyt Hillary Frankfort ME
Hrynick Tobias Benedicta ME
Hudson Casey Stockton Springs ME
Huff Kristy Burnham ME
Humphrey Jeanmarie Poland ME
Huneke Brittney Hastings MN
Hunt Katelyn Medina MN
Hunt Mary Bucksport ME
Hunter Kristen Brunswick ME
Huston Cameron Washburn ME
Huston Logan Hampden ME
Hutchins Coby Holden ME
Hutchinson Britni Turner ME
Hutchinson Kyle Dixfield ME
Hutchinson Samantha Turner ME
Hutton Benjamin Prescott ON Canada
Hwang Hye Weon Belfast ME
Hwang Insang Gwangju Korea, Republic of
Hyatt Krislyn Topsham ME
Illingworth Christopher Holden ME
Ilves Kaidi Smithfield ME
Innes Gregory Sydney NSW Australia
Isherwood Bayleigh Portland ME
Isherwood Hannah Portland ME
Jackson Megan Old Town ME
Jacobs Tawney Gouldsboro ME
Jacobse Elke Badhoevedorp
Jacques Brady Yarmouth ME
Jacques Daniel Durham ME
Jacques Katelyn Lewiston ME
Jarmark Jessica Bangor ME
Jensen Alexander Granton WI
Jewell Andrew Concord NH
Jewett Keith Fayette ME
Jipson Kelsey Hancock ME
Johnson Brooke Norridgewock ME
Johnson Chelsea Bucksport ME
Johnson Cory Dixmont ME
Johnson Joshua Bangor ME
Johnston Michael Scarborough ME
Johnston Paul Winslow ME
Jones Allison Hampden ME
Jones Christopher Biddeford ME
Jones Ian Canton CT
Jones Joshua Presque Isle ME
Jones Katherine Dover Foxcroft ME
Jones Kayla Freedom ME
Jones Nicholas Bristol ME
Jordan Blakelee Hampden ME
Joy Elizabeth Waldo ME
Jugovic Iva Leskovac Republic of Serbia
Kacer Nikita Bangor ME
Kalar Emily Lebanon ME
Kaluzny Kayla CALGARY AB Canada
Kandiko Lindsey Madison ME
Kane Eliza Deer Isle ME
Kane Hilary Concord NH
Kane Jacob Hancock ME
Kaplan Ruth Bangor ME
Karno Rachel Farmington ME
Karter Emily Belgrade ME
Kashkooli Kimia Glenburn ME
Kaulfers Michelle Brewer ME
Kavin David Hampden ME
Keane Alison Brewer ME
Kearns Brian Eddington ME
Kearns Helen Belfast ME
Keating Hannah York ME
Keating Karissa North Andover MA
Keaton Katherine Caribou ME
Keefe Alexander Ellsworth ME
Keene Leaha Gorham ME
Keller Sarah Mount Sinai NY
Kelley Paul Hopkinton MA
Kelley Scott Calais ME
Kelley William Pittston ME
Kelliher Bartley Old Town ME
Kelly Emmet Boothbay ME
Kelly Nellie Boothbay ME
Kemp Justin Albuquerque NM
Kendall Lena New Sharon ME
Kennedy Jeanne Moose River ME
Kennedy Thomas Rockport ME
Kenneway Charlotte Old Town ME
Kenneway Regina Old Town ME
Kenney Josie Colebrook NH
Kenniston Shawn Hampden ME
Kent Thomas Eliot ME
Kern Grant Cumberland Center ME
Kerschensteiner David Kennebunk ME
Kershner Edith Lagrange ME
Kerstens Jasna Edegem Belgium
Kervin Gregory North Kingstown RI
Kester Douglas Auburn ME
Kezer Justin Orono ME
Kiffney Grace Portland ME
KilCommons Gregory Medfield MA
Kilgour Brianne North Hamilton, Ontario
King Emily Westfield MA
King Ryan Bangor ME
Kinney Morgan Bowdoin ME
Kirk Katelyn Leeds ME
Knapp Levi Jay ME
Knight Fredrick Hampden ME
Knight Hannah Dixfield ME
Knowles Julia West Bath ME
Knowlton Audrey Oakland ME
Knowlton Christopher Swanville ME
Knowlton Jay Camden ME
Knox Keenan Sidney ME
Koboski Theodore South Windsor CT
Koehler Matthew Saco ME
Kolmar Philip Saco ME
Koslosky Kristen Castro Valley CA
Kosta Angela Reading MA
Kramer Ira Veazie ME
Krause Daniel Millinocket ME
Kreyssig Stephannie Littleton ME
Kurnick Paul Lovell ME
Kurzius Julia Dover Foxcroft ME
Kus Evan Gardiner ME
Kwok Samantha Cape Neddick ME
L’Heureux Shane Springvale ME
L’Italien Nicholas Enfield ME
La Pierre Ronnie Sebec ME
LaBonte Addison York ME
LaBonty Matthew Scarborough ME
LaBrecque Julianne Orono ME
LaFlamme Renee Lincoln ME
LaFollette Maryanne Old Orchard Beach ME
LaJoie Lindsay Van Buren ME
LaMagna Luke Freeport ME
LaRose Tara Monson ME
Labbe Rachel Winthrop ME
Labonte Christian Lewiston ME
Labonte Lonnie Mexico ME
Lachance Cody Winslow ME
Lachance Lindsey Waterville ME
Lacombe Dustin Winslow ME
Ladd Kasey Harmony ME
Lailer Zachary South Portland ME
Lambert Mary Orono ME
Lambert Paula Winterport ME
Lamond Lucas Brewer ME
Lamy Vanessa Biddeford ME
Lance Erica Greene ME
Landl Victoria Spencerport NY
Landry Cain Saco ME
Landry Nicole Leominster MA
Lane Craig York ME
Lane Evan Old Town ME
Lane Ian York ME
Lane Shelbe Patten ME
Lang Dennis Hampden ME
Lange Stephanie Brownfield ME
Langlais Jessica Kennebunk ME
Langtry Jillian Fort Frances ON Canada
Lanzikos Emily Pittsfield ME
Laplante Eric Van Buren ME
Larsen John Oxford ME
Larson Michael Harrington ME
Lataille Sophia Hampden ME
Laverriere Danielle Saco ME
Laverriere Nicholas Biddeford ME
Lavin Thomas Waterville ME
Lavoie Emily Carmel ME
Lawrence Dale Hershey PA
Lawrence David Bryant Pond ME
Lawrence Marion Orrington ME
Lawson Nicholas Sudbury MA
Lawson Stuart Wilton ME
LeBlond Thomas Lewiston ME
LeClair Alexander Scarborough ME
LeClair Justin Gardner MA
Leach Jennifer Bangor ME
Leary Madison Westford MA
Leavitt Bethany Newburgh ME
Lebel Samuel Winterport ME
Leclerc Stephanie Camden ME
Ledoux Annie Gorham ME
Lee Alanna East Waterboro ME
Lee Garrett Bar Harbor ME
Lee Marjorie East Waterboro ME
Leen Emily Bangor ME
Lees Katherine Saco ME
Leo Jamie Skowhegan ME
Leopold Elliot Wilton ME
Lessard Katrina Corinth ME
Letourneau Lindsey Fairfield ME
Levesque Alyssa Auburn ME
Levesque Janelle Newmarket NH
Levy Kierstyn Guilford CT
Lewin Justin Castle Hill ME
Lewis Alex Brewer ME
Lewis Darien Ellsworth ME
Lewis Sidney Old Town ME
Lewis Vincent Caribou ME
Li Xiao Orono ME
Libby Justin Brunswick ME
Libby Stephanie New Gloucester ME
Light William Natick MA
Lilieholm Jennifer Hampden ME
Lindbom George Cape Neddick ME
Lindemann Matthew Hampden ME
Linden Carmen OTTAWA ON Canada
Lindsey Dylan Searsmont ME
Linn Abigail Elkhart IN
Linscott Joseph Millinocket ME
Linscott Lacy Hancock ME
Lipinski Hallie East Bridgewater MA
Lipton Benjamin Wells ME
Liu Yao Panzhihua 51 China
Livingston Blaine Old Town ME
Livingston Grace Veazie ME
Livingstone Sarah Bangor ME
Lizotte Craig Skowhegan ME
Lizotte Elisha Grand Isle ME
Lockman Seth Old Town ME
Logan Connor Cape Elizabeth ME
Long William Bangor ME
Look Evan Jonesboro ME
Lopes Bradford Skowhegan ME
Lord Benjamin Gorham ME
Louth Michael Enfield CT
Lovejoy Emily Old Town ME
Low Christopher Fairfield ME
Lowell Alyson Augusta ME
Lozier Celeste Orono ME
Lucky Karen Holden ME
Lucy Chloe Bangor ME
Luken Maeve Lincoln ME
Luttrell Jessica South Thomaston ME
Luy Sebastian Standish ME
Lyford Sean Cushing ME
Lynch Adam Warren ME
Lynch Justin Schuylerville NY
Lynch Nicollette Somerset MA
Lyons Katherine Ellsworth ME
Lyons Sara Ellsworth ME
Mabie Anna Skowhegan ME
MacBride Kristen Hartford ME
MacDonald Abigail Yarmouth ME
MacDonald Danielle Caribou ME
MacDonald Kendra Wells ME
MacDonald Rebecca Eliot ME
MacDowell Jennifer Littleton MA
Mackenzie Jonathan Peru ME
Maddocks-Wilbur Justice Ellsworth ME
Madigan Elizabeth Hampden ME
Maines Ian Abbot ME
Majsak Chelsea Plainville CT
Makela Amber Lyndeborough NH
Maker Seth Machiasport ME
Malcolm Bethany Kenduskeag ME
Malitsky Leah Kennebunk ME
Manahan James Cumberland ME
Manandhar Sony Kathmandu Nepal
Mancuso Brianna Orono ME
Manley Joseph Lewiston ME
Mann Marina Lee ME
Manning Helen Vernon VT
Manning Joshua Orono ME
Mansfield Amber Thomaston ME
Mansfield Colin Bangor ME
Marcellino Jenna Mae Bangor ME
Marcotte Cameron Lewiston ME
Marcotte Jenna Hampden ME
Marden Nicole Orono ME
Mares Amy Orono ME
Marki Marcel Camden ME
Marro Michelle Grafton MA
Marshall Brittney Sabattus ME
Martell Megan Guilford ME
Martin Abigail Northport ME
Martin Amanda Standish ME
Martin Emily Standish ME
Martin Eric Lyman ME
Martin Katrina Easton ME
Martin Lydia Lisbon ME
Martin Marie Aurora IL
Martin Mikaela Georgetown ME
Martin Molly Holden ME
Martin Morgan Bowdoin ME
Martin Paige Dover Foxcroft ME
Martin Samuel Lewiston ME
Martin Stephanie Morrill ME
Martin-Sackett Whytnie Shannen Caribou ME
Martorano Joseph Orono ME
Marzilli Mikiko Orono ME
Maskay Aman Orono Nepal
Maskay Anin Kathmandu Nepal
Mason Emma Owls Head ME
Mason Rebecca Dexter ME
Mason Zachary Wells ME
Massey Katelyn Waterville ME
Masters Jaclyn Auburn ME
Masury John Kittery Point ME
Mathers Lucas Presque Isle ME
Mathiasson Minna Canaan ME
Mattor Riley Hollis Center ME
Maurice Gregory Knox ME
Maxwell Alyssa Hampden ME
Mayhew Amanda Thorndike ME
Mayhew Benjamin Hiram ME
Maynard Courtney Dedham ME
Mazur Mackenzie Douglas MA
McAdams Jeremy Calais ME
McAuliffe John Saco ME
McAuliffe Kyle Saco ME
McAvoy Matthew Sherman ME
McCarthy Clifford Orono ME
McCarthy Taylor Belgrade Lakes ME
McCauley Ashley Biddeford ME
McCloskey Abby Scarborough ME
McClure Myra North Haven ME
McCurry Jaclyn Biddeford ME
McDaniels Lucas Skowhegan ME
McDonald Kelly ANCASTER ON Canada
McDonough Benjamin Lewiston ME
McDougall Joshua Orono ME
McDuff Evan Topsham ME
McEnery William Durham ME
McFarland Duncan Ashland ME
McGahey Johnathon Saco ME
McGary Benjamin Virginia Beach VA
McGlamery Owen Camden ME
McGowan Kenzie Oakland ME
McGuire Jade South China ME
McGuire Molly Houlton ME
McGuirk Matthew Biddeford ME
McHugh Kelsi Corinth ME
McIntyre Erin Whitinsville MA
McKee Anna Cumberland Foreside ME
McKeen Lindsay Gray ME
McKenna Meghan York ME
McKenney Derek Parkman ME
McKeown Patrick Scarborough ME
McKinney Eileen Auburn ME
McKoy Chad Millinocket ME
McLaughlin Chelsea Manchester ME
McLaughlin Jackson Greenville ME
McLaughlin Katherine Durham ME
McLaughlin Lily Greenville ME
McLaughlin Seth Orono ME
McMahon Evan Kennebunk ME
McNeill Nathaniel Milford ME
McNett Ariel Topsham ME
McPhail Katherine Old Town ME
McPherson Grant South Portland ME
McQuoid Robert Bangor ME
Mcgonagle Christopher Portland ME
Meagher Morgan Cape Neddick ME
Meeks Zakiah-Lee Bangor ME
Melcher Gregory Jay ME
Melcher Mikaela Bowdoin ME
Melhus Benjamin Potomac MD
Melmed Gabriel Greenbush ME
Menard Patrick Wells ME
Mensah Jemima Nashville TN
Merchant Will Saint Paul MN
Mercier Erin Augusta ME
Merk-Wynne Taylor Waterville ME
Merriam Jamie Harpswell ME
Merrill Scott Scarborough ME
Merritt Charles Clifton ME
Merrow Thomas Kennebunkport ME
Meservey Brittany Hope ME
Messier Ian Topsham ME
Metcalf Christina West Baldwin ME
Meunier Patrick Vassalboro ME
Meyer Jillian Sayville NY
Michael Olivia Vassalboro ME
Michaud Alex Saint Agatha ME
Michaud Haley East Millinocket ME
Michaud Timothy Old Town ME
Michaud Todd Benton ME
Middleswart Casey Searsport ME
Mihm Jerry Guilford ME
Millard Andrew Orono ME
Miller Campbell Rockport ME
Miller Elijah Kennebunk ME
Miller Megan Turner ME
Miller Nicholas Pittsfield ME
Miller Samuel Benton ME
Miller Sean Winterport ME
Millett Alicia Old Town ME
Mills Heidi Rockland ME
Mills Katherine Oakland ME
Mills Laura Dennysville ME
Miner Garrett North Stonington CT
Misener Nicole BURLINGTON ON Canada
Mitch Alexandra Freeport ME
Mitchell Alexa Old Town ME
Mitchell Elizabeth Portland ME
Mitchell Mikkayla Gray ME
Mitrovic Milica Belgrade Republic of Serbia
Moag Destin Bothell WA
Moeller Michelle Brunswick ME
Moffitt Sarah Searsport ME
Molino Anthony York Beach ME
Monroe Sally Boothbay ME
Moody Krysten Jefferson ME
Moody Renee Lincolnville ME
Moody Roxanne Chelsea ME
Moore Ethan Weare NH
Moore Kaila Orrington ME
Moore Lucy Cumbria United Kingdom
Moore Megan Trumbull CT
Moore Nicholas North Berwick ME
Morancy Hunter Wilder VT
Mores Kassandra Old Town ME
Moreshead Molly Holden ME
Morgan Andrew Bangor ME
Morgan Cody Exeter ME
Moriarty Ian North Berwick ME
Moriarty Kirsty Brewer ME
Morin Erika Fairfield ME
Morin Hillary Brunswick ME
Morin Kelsey Caribou ME
Morin Tyler South Paris ME
Morneault Gwyndolyn Orono ME
Morren Justin Cutler ME
Morrill Jennifer Holden ME
Morris Jacob Hinesburg VT
Morris Matthew Ridgewood NJ
Morrison Benjamin Limerick ME
Morrison Cameron Perry ME
Morrison Emma South Berwick ME
Morse Thomas Portland ME
Morton Corey Casco ME
Moses Carrie Standish ME
Mosher Alysha Gardiner ME
Mottershead Emily Winsford CHES United Kingdom
Moylan Christopher Yarmouth ME
Moylan Michelle Yarmouth ME
Mudie Michael Bangor ME
Mukose John Kampala Uganda
Mullarkey Patrick Mendon MA
Mullen Christine Bangor ME
Munn KC Veazie ME
Munson Julianne Branford CT
Murchison Carrie Bangor ME
Murchison Cassandra Bangor ME
Murnane Michelle Searsport ME
Murphy Ariel Orono ME
Murphy Brittney Southwest Harbor ME
Murphy Erin Norway ME
Murphy Katie Southwest Harbor ME
Murray Sarah Bradley ME
Murtagh Autumn Cape Neddick ME
Muy Henry Hialeah FL
Muzzy Heather Portland ME
Myer Ashlie West Baldwin ME
Myerowitz Jordan Holden ME
Myers Jason Plantsville CT
Naddeo Anthony Pelham NY
Nadeau Brandon Bradley ME
Nadeau Christopher Caribou ME
Nadeau Ryan Brewer ME
Nadeau Sara Bangor ME
Nadeau Stephanie Madawaska ME
Nalivaika Alison Worcester MA
Nash Alex Palmyra ME
Nason Danielle Brewer ME
Nazar Madeline Readfield ME
Neal Brittany Palmyra ME
Nealey Jillian Northport ME
Nee Logan Old Town ME
Nelson James Waterville ME
Nelson Krista Des Moines IA
Nelson Libby Holden ME
Nelson Michael Waterville ME
Neslusan Elizabeth Bucksport ME
Newbold Oliver Trumbull CT
Newcomb Jesse Norway ME
Newell Katie-Lyn Clinton ME
Nguyen Huong Ly Hanoi Viet Nam
Nguyen Phong Da Nang Viet Nam
Nichols Aron Bangor ME
Nichols Michael Lamoine ME
Nichols Zachary Winthrop ME
Nicke Nadine Glenburn ME
Nickerson Elexa Old Town ME
Nickerson Jordan Brewer ME
Nicols Sarah Mexico ME
Nolan Kyle Camden ME
Noll Hannah South Portland ME
Noonan Allison Brewer ME
Noonan Cote Fairfield ME
Norton Pamela Brewer ME
Norwood Henry Readfield ME
Novak Joseph Holden ME
Nuzzo Anthony Litchfield ME
O’Brien Bailey Gorham ME
O’Brien Parker Augusta ME
O’Brien Shane Rockport ME
O’Connor James Berwick ME
O’Connor Seamus Montrose CO
O’Driscoll Kathleen Marshfield MA
O’Meara Chelsea Farmington CT
O’Neil Shannon Milan NH
O’Shea Samantha Kennebunkport ME
O’Sullivan James Mansfield MA
O’Sullivan Nora Fairfield CT
Oakes Amber Levant ME
Obery Anne Topsham ME
Obomsawin Tagwongo Farmington ME
Oliver Brooke Old Town ME
Oliver Steven Calais ME
Oppewall Emma Southwest Harbor ME
Orach Jesse Gorham ME
Orlando Kyle Gray ME
Orr Kaitlin Trenton ME
Orr Michael West Bath ME
Osborne Julia Bangor ME
Osgood Leigh Bangor ME
Ossanna Elliot Bar Harbor ME
Ottman Taylor Morrill ME
Otto William Orono ME
Ouellette Alyssa Fort Kent ME
Ouellette Ashley Caribou ME
Ouellette Elise Frenchville ME
Ouellette George Lisbon Falls ME
Ouellette Jill Winthrop ME
Ouellette Jonathan New Sweden ME
Ouellette Kimberly Portland ME
Ovington Alexis Kittery ME
Owens Samantha Gorham ME
Padham Erin Bangor ME
Paiement Shannon Sanford ME
Palsson Luke Marshfield MA
Pandey Sujita Kathmandu Nepal
Papakotsi Vasiliki Athens Greece
Paprocki Kristopher Pembroke ME
Paquette Holly Benton ME
Paradee Rebecca Gardiner ME
Paradis Ashley Bangor ME
Paradis Christopher Skowhegan ME
Paradis Samantha Frenchville ME
Paradis-Reynolds Sylvia Waterville ME
Paradise Mattie Wells ME
Paradise Rigel Wells ME
Parent John Hamlin ME
Parenteau Alexander North Yarmouth ME
Parenteau Sarah Windham ME
Parker Kasi Danforth ME
Parker Kristin Bangor ME
Parker Sarah Saco ME
Parker Valerie Grand Isle ME
Parkhill Nathaniel Winchester MA
Pasinski Stephanie Meriden CT
Pasquarella Margaret New Milford CT
Pasquerillo Elias Hermon ME
Pastore Alexandra Scarborough ME
Patrick Emily Old Town ME
Paul Adam Farmington ME
Paul Chelsea Orono ME
Paulette Ashley Brunswick ME
Pearson Keith Mariaville ME
Peer Lauren Otis ME
Pelletier Courtney Lewiston ME
Pelletier Matthew Topsham ME
Pelletier Nicole Lewiston ME
Pelletier Samantha Saint David ME
Pelto Jillian Jefferson MA
Pendarvis Paige Cape Elizabeth ME
Pendleton Roxanne Islesboro ME
Pendleton Sara Belfast ME
Pendleton Victoria Hudson ME
Peng Yi Old Town ME
Perez Zamora Olivia Milbridge ME
Perreault Kaitlynn Biddeford ME
Perry Alexandra Portland ME
Peterson Nicholas Orono ME
Pew Elek East Andover ME
Pflugradt Elizabeth New Gloucester ME
Philbrick Kelsey Auburn ME
Phillips Hanya Orrington ME
Phillips Taylor Brookfield CT
Phinney Christopher Brewer ME
Piccirillo Andrew Yarmouth ME
Piccolo Andrew Scarborough ME
Piche Brittany Lincoln ME
Picillo Molly Newburyport MA
Pierce Elizabeth Gorham ME
Pierce Hayley Manchester ME
Pierce Margaret Hermon ME
Pierce Mazie Parsonsfield ME
Pinault Alexandrine Old Town ME
Pineau Robert Augusta ME
Pirruccello Laura Turner ME
Pittis Jennifer Bangor ME
Pittis Patrick Bangor ME
Plaisted Christopher Jonesboro ME
Plaisted Taylor Hampden ME
Plant Jenna Fort Fairfield ME
Plisova Anna Portland ME
Plossay Garrett Winthrop ME
Plourde Eric Gorham ME
Plourde Megan Turner ME
Plummer Bryanna Bridgton ME
Podraza Stephanie Bangor ME
Poirier Ashlie Berlin NH
Poirier Stephen Biddeford ME
Polhemus Meredith Old Town ME
Pollard-Ranco Ann Orono ME
Pomeroy Benjamin Cape Elizabeth ME
Poole Andrew Tariffville CT
Poor Peter Andover ME
Porter Kathryn Bangor ME
Porter Sarah Presque Isle ME
Porter Zachary Scarborough ME
Poston Haley Topsham ME
Potter Tammy Guilford ME
Pottle Ryan Old Town ME
Potts Robert North Yarmouth ME
Potvin Jaime Millinocket ME
Poudyal Amulya Kathmandu Nepal
Poulin James Lewiston ME
Poulin Michael Augusta ME
Pouliot Catherine South Berwick ME
Poussard Cameron Lewiston ME
Powers Patrick Searsmont ME
Pratt Danielle Hampden ME
Pratt Joshua Acton ME
Praul Andrea Sun Prairie WI
Prendergast Kamdra Bangor ME
Prentiss Samuel Industry ME
Prescott Jennifer South China ME
Pressley Sarah Old Town ME
Prevey Alexander Hope Valley RI
Price Alexander Bangor ME
Price Ishah Gorham ME
Price Michaela Scarborough ME
Price Ryan Kittery Point ME
Price-Leibenzeder Meagan SURREY BC Canada
Prince Jhen-da Orono ME
Proulx Kimberly Bangor ME
Prox Derek Denmark ME
Prusaitis Andrew Bangor ME
Pryor Nicholas Marlton NJ
Puiia Thomas Rumford ME
Pukay Nathan Bucksport ME
Pullyard Katie Skowhegan ME
Purnell Benton Oakland ME
Pye Charles Phippsburg ME
Qi Courtney Wilton ME
Quimby Cassandra South Portland ME
Quint Jacy Scarborough ME
Racki Kassandra Lynn MA
Radosavljevic Igor Portland ME
Radosti Brett Verona NJ
Rafalko-Zayir Alexander Corinna ME
Raftice Kayla Cape Elizabeth ME
Ragucci Megan Freeport ME
Raines Wesley Kittery ME
Ramsdell Christina Old Town ME
Ramsdell Gillian Wells ME
Rancourt Arielle Bremen ME
Rancourt Rebecca Turner ME
Rand Carrie Stillwater ME
Ranger Rachel Hampden ME
Ray Brian Bangor ME
Ray Cameron Belgrade ME
Raymond Garrett Augusta ME
Raymond Michelle York ME
Raymond Seth Prospect ME
Raymond Shane Brewer ME
Redfern Ian Ipswich MA
Reed Benjamin Milford ME
Reed Brittany Berwick ME
Reed James APO AE Germany
Reeves Lauren Lovell ME
Regan Julia Quincy MA
Regis Jason Old Orchard Beach ME
Reichel Kent Hampden ME
Reid Amanda Milford ME
Rennebeck Christoph Oberkochen Germany
Reno Caroline Brunswick ME
Reny Samantha Orono ME
Revello Katherine Portsmouth RI
Reynolds Christine Portland ME
Reynolds Samuel Ellsworth ME
Rice Aaron Bar Mills ME
Rice Brittany Durham ME
Rice Carol Dedham ME
Rice Steven Brewer ME
Rich Jennifer Unity ME
Richards Addie Bangor ME
Richards Amanda Strong ME
Richards Colby Trenton ME
Richardson Jasmine Newburgh ME
Richie Joshua Bangor ME
Rickards Andrea Old Town ME
Ridgeway Gabriel Schenectady NY
Riemersma Joel Orono ME
Rier Conrad Jay ME
Riffel Bridget Searsport ME
Riggs Maxime Portland ME
Riley Conor Massena NY
Riley Devon Old Town ME
Riordan James China ME
Roach Julie Old Town ME
Roach Taylor Cumberland Center ME
Robbins Mallory Waldoboro ME
Roberts Christianna Saco ME
Roberts Peter Wilton ME
Robertson Brianne Bradley ME
Robinson Amber Kittery ME
Robinson John Orono ME
Robinson Morgan Levant ME
Robson Emily Hampden ME
Rochester Ariel Kittery ME
Rochester Bethany Kittery ME
Rocque Allison Augusta ME
Rodrigue Chelsea Sanford ME
Rogers Daniel Upton MA
Rogers Timothy Kittery ME
Rogers Zachary Hermon ME
Romatowski Ashley Phippsburg ME
Ronan Katelynn Glenburn ME
Rose Devin Jay ME
Rosebeary Kelsey Poulsbo WA
Ross Claire Auburn ME
Ross Margaret Hampden ME
Ross Ryan Dedham ME
Roussell Josephine Long Beach CA
Rowe Jamie Scarborough ME
Rowley Amber Howland ME
Rowley Nicholas Monmouth ME
Roy Billy Frenchville ME
Roy Briana Holderness NH
Roy Dayna North Andover MA
Roy Emily Brunswick ME
Roy Emma Auburn ME
Roy Jonathan Frenchville ME
Roy Joseph Jay ME
Roy Tyler Greene ME
Roy Victoria Hampden ME
Rublee Marissa Glenburn ME
Ruess Maj Nevada City CA
Ruffin Madeline Milo ME
Ruhl Hannah Lincoln ME
Ruhlin Hannah Orrington ME
Runyambo Daniella Portland ME
Russell Cody Gardiner ME
Russell Travis Skowhegan ME
Ryan Anne Yarmouth ME
Ryan Erik Ludlow ME
Rybka Ryan North Yarmouth ME
Sacco Laurel Lebanon ME
Sadick Kyle Old Town ME
Safford Myles Orono ME
Saliou-Sulley Fuoad Kasoa Ghana
Salvail Whitney Brunswick ME
Sambo Yusufu Randolph MA
Samuels Kimberly Sanford ME
San Antonio Michael Saint Agatha ME
Sanborn Crystal Bangor ME
Sanborn James Old Town ME
Sanborn Terri-Lynn Gray ME
Sanchez Gabriella Saco ME
Santariello Andrea Tolland CT
Santiago Emily Belfast ME
Sargent Emily Camden ME
Sarol Amanda Greenville ME
Saucier Katie Orono ME
Saunders Will Whiting NJ
Saunders-Patterson Veronica Bear DE
Savoy Devin Torrington CT
Sawin Jesse Lovell ME
Sawyer William Saco ME
Sbayi Asiya Lincoln ME
Scaccia Matthew Kittery ME
Scaggs Thomas Bangor ME
Scanlan Mary Pembroke MA
Scanlon Andrew Ellsworth ME
Schanck Andrew Pittsfield ME
Schanck Emily Pittsfield ME
Schneider Connor Bowdoinham ME
Schneider Kathryn Presque Isle ME
Schneider Kayla East Waterboro ME
Schulte Samantha Gorham ME
Schultz Derrek Jericho VT
Schuyler Victoria Brunswick ME
Schweitzer Cory Raymond ME
Scofield Sarah Howland ME
Scontras Sophia York ME
Scott Ashley Old Town ME
Scott Charles Dover Foxcroft ME
Scrutchfield Zachary Portland ME
Sebastian Ashbow North Stonington CT
SeeHusen Michael Gorham ME
Seekins Caleb Bucksport ME
Seekins Sean Glenburn ME
Seeley Sean Bangor ME
Seeley Taylor Jonesboro ME
Segee Benjamin Old Town ME
Segee Molly Old Town ME
Seigars Camerin Gardiner ME
Seiler Flurin Whiting VT
Sell Julia Cushing ME
Sementelli Jenna Fairfield ME
Sepanek Robert Vienna ME
Serpico Jared Auburn ME
Servetas Jordan Hancock ME
Sevey Nicole Skowhegan ME
Sevigney Katherine Wells ME
Sewart Allison Holland MA
Shalkowski Casey Saunderstown RI
Shanahan Erin Sullivan ME
Sharkey Leslie Brunswick ME
Shaver Sarah Penn Yan NY
Shaw Lucretia Kenduskeag ME
Shaw Marissa Plymouth ME
Sheafe Madison Canaan ME
Shehata Nathaniel Winthrop ME
Sheldon Dominic Chessington SURREY United Kingdom
Sheltra Matthew Hyde Park VT
Shepard Alexander Rockport ME
Shepherd Bradley Farmingdale ME
Sheridan Brooke Dexter ME
Shimmel Duane Old Town ME
Shimmel Pamela Old Town ME
Shipley Samuel Orono ME
Shirley Kristen Bath ME
Shore Devin Ajax ON Canada
Shorette Daniel Upton MA
Shortt Caleb Amherst ME
Shrestha Riju Kathmandu Nepal
Sicotte Jacob Lewiston ME
Siladi Terran Montville ME
Silver Andrew Westbrook ME
Silver Ilana Bangor ME
Silverman Alana Oakland ME
Simonds Laura Brewer ME
Simonsen Jeremiah Palermo ME
Sinclair Sean Scarborough ME
Singer Amy Old Town ME
Sipe Daniel Presque Isle ME
Sirois Dylan Farmingdale ME
Skigen Patric Monroe ME
Skillern Ryan Naples ME
Skinner Amanda Falmouth ME
Skoczenski Grace Waterville ME
Slagger Ashara Kenduskeag ME
Sleight Dustin Orono ME
Small Paige Caribou ME
Smart Connor Lincoln ME
Smart Denise Howland ME
Smart Jessica Kennebunk ME
Smith Abigail Falmouth ME
Smith Adam Long Branch NJ
Smith Allison Dexter ME
Smith Brandon North Berwick ME
Smith Carlena York ME
Smith Christopher Lincolnville ME
Smith Corbett Lyman ME
Smith Gregory Yarmouth ME
Smith Hailey Orrington ME
Smith Isaac Buckfield ME
Smith Jolie Bangor ME
Smith Kalyna Manchester ME
Smith Kathryn Gorham ME
Smith Kaylie Milford ME
Smith Kelly Westbrook ME
Smith Michele Dexter ME
Smith Morgan Prospect CT
Smith Seth Bath ME
Smith Taylor Hallowell ME
Smith Valerie Brunswick ME
Snapp Kelsey Castine ME
Snow Christopher Kennebunk ME
Sodini Catherine Greenland NH
Solomon Margaret South Portland ME
Soltys Dean Brewer ME
Somers Alison Windham ME
Soracco Karli Turner ME
Soule Carley Saco ME
Souliere Kristyn Saco ME
Sousa Alicia Brooks ME
Sousa Bryer Amesbury MA
Southard Matthew Gorham ME
Spatafora Benjamin Orono ME
Spear Dillon Portland ME
Speed Brianna Corinth ME
Spencer Jonathan Old Town ME
Spencer Kristen Scarborough ME
Spies Kate Topsham ME
Spinosa Kate Wells ME
Sprague Hannah Brunswick ME
Sprague Lowansa Bangor ME
Sprowl Eric West Gardiner ME
Spruce James Orono ME
St John Justin Harrison ME
St Louis Cody Milford ME
St Peter Kyle Presque Isle ME
St Peter Philip Caribou ME
St Pierre Spencer Turner ME
Stack Lindsay Saco ME
Stairs Robert Orono ME
Stakus Angela Mendon MA
Stange Caitlin Herndon VA
Stanley Mary Elizabeth Southwest Harbor ME
Stanton Rebecca Plymouth MA
Staples Kyle Caribou ME
Starks Megan Lewiston ME
Stearns Aleeza Portland ME
Stefanilo Andrew Sanford ME
Stephens Tyler Saco ME
Stetson Ethan Woodland ME
Steven Jamie Bethel ME
Stevens Amelia Fort Kent ME
Stevens Emily Stetson ME
Stevens Matthew Fairfield ME
Stevenson Kasidy Greene ME
Stevenson Thomas Old Town ME
Steward Andrea Millinocket ME
Stewart Elspeth Arroyo Hondo NM
Stewart Holly NORTH VANCOUVER BC Canada
Stewart India Verona Island ME
Stewart Kimberly Orono ME
Stewart Meaghan Sanford ME
Stewlow Allison Sebago ME
Stirling Eileen South Berwick ME
Stocker Carolyn Westfield MA
Stohlberg Anthony Center Barnstead NH
Stoliker Brent Madawaska ME
Stone Jessica Gilmanton Iron Works NH
Strauch Kurt Lamoine ME
Strehlow James Orono ME
Streker Amber Fort Belvoir VA
Striar Samuel Delmar NY
Strickland Benjamin Kennebunkport ME
Strothmann Sean Farmington ME
Stuart Collin Sanford ME
Stuart Melissa Yarmouth ME
Stuart Shannon Standish ME
Stuckey Kevin Milford ME
Sturgis-Bright Helen York ME
Stutes Matthew Ogunquit ME
Sukeforth Sarah Falmouth ME
Sulinski Ella Old Town ME
Sullivan Brendan Scarborough ME
Sullivan Daniel York PA
Sullivan Garret Perry ME
Sundstedt Anna Middleton WI
Sutter Mackenzie Holden MA
Swaney Erin Scarborough ME
Swanson Glenn York ME
Swavely Steven Reading PA
Sweeney Benjamin Bangor ME
Swerid Jordan LAC DU BONNET MB Canada
Szotkowski Abigail Monmouth ME
Taheny Kara Brewer ME
Talbot Matthew East Machias ME
Tannoia Dominic South Portland ME
Tarbox Lynn Cape Elizabeth ME
Tardif Kyle Madawaska ME
Tata Lauren Pittsfield ME
Taylor Lucas South Berwick ME
Taylor Samantha Union ME
Tengeres Jill Millerstown PA
Tetu Olivia Brunswick ME
Thayer Erika Hermon ME
Thebarge Matthew Old Town ME
Theriault Nathan Turner ME
Therrien Kelsey Weare NH
Thibeault Ashley South Hamilton MA
Thibeault Kelly Scarborough ME
Thibodeau Brittany APO AE
Thibodeau Caroline Presque Isle ME
Thibodeau Elsa Stockholm ME
Thomas Alison Yarmouth ME
Thomas Brent Dover Foxcroft ME
Thomas Derek Houlton ME
Thomas Faith Orrington ME
Thomas Jin Sun Caribou ME
Thomes Trey Portland ME
Thompson Laci Enfield ME
Thompson Melissa Brewer ME
Thompson Mikala Medway ME
Thompson Neil Old Town ME
Thomson Tamara Waite ME
Thornton Casey Bethel ME
Thornton Elise Seal Cove ME
Thornton Rebecca Hampden ME
Thorpe Micah Skowhegan ME
Thurlow Amanda Burlington ME
Tibbetts Clyde Litchfield ME
Tibbetts Mackenzie Bar Harbor ME
Tinker Janelle Lubec ME
Tinkler Chloe WABUSH NL Canada
Titova Anna Freeport ME
Todd Matthew Shrewsbury MA
Tomes Andrew Mechanicsburg PA
Tondreau Benjamin Hallowell ME
Topor Zachary Ellington CT
Toppin Haley Columbia Falls ME
Torres Rachael Houlton ME
Toth Brittany Wells ME
Toto Sarah Vassalboro ME
Tourigny Sarah York ME
Traceski Matthew Somers CT
Tracy Kevin Warren ME
Tranchemontagne Zachary Sanford ME
Trask Sydney Easton ME
Triebwasser Ginger Shelton CT
Triglione Anthony Bridgton ME
Trott Chelsea Lincoln ME
Trunfio Derek Billerica MA
Trussell Zoie Old Town ME
Trzilova Dominika Usti nad Labem Czech Republic
Turcotte Darlene Dracut MA
Turcotte Joshua Bangor ME
Turnbull Brittney Oxford ME
Tuttle Bruce Pownal ME
Tuttle Susan Cape Elizabeth ME
Twardochleb Erin Gaithersburg MD
Twist Matthew Belgrade ME
Twitchell Emmaline Kingfield ME
Twombly Phillip Lyman ME
Tynes Emily New Gloucester ME
Updyke Raymond East Lyme CT
Vachon Derek Auburn ME
Vachon Gabriel Ellsworth ME
Vachon Samuel Scarborough ME
Vail Hannah Waldoboro ME
Vaillancourt Kelly Carmel ME
Vainio Jacob Monson ME
Valente Alicia New Gloucester ME
Valentino Steven Wells ME
Vallee Alyssa Augusta ME
Vallee Jennifer Turner ME
Valliere Kayla Leominster MA
Van Heiningen Johanna Orono ME
Van der Eb Marina Brooksville ME
VanGorder Bethany West Tremont ME
Vandegrift Eva Steuben ME
Vanderlaan Zakariah Southport ME
Varin-Tremblay Camille Saint Huber QC Canada
Varjabedian Ani Middleboro MA
Vaudreuil Haley Ocala FL
Vear Keanna Winslow ME
Veitch Eric Guilford CT
Ventrella Kathryn Fayette ME
Ventura Sierra Old Town ME
Verney Johanna Alna ME
Verville Shane Pownal ME
Vetter Andrew Patten ME
Vezza Julianna Madison NJ
Vicnaire Abigail Dedham ME
Vietze Michael New Gloucester ME
Viola Joseph Scarborough ME
Violette Danielle Bangor ME
Violette Grace Waterville ME
Violette Leanne Bangor ME
Virgin-Brooks Jazmine Dixfield ME
Vivian Sabrina Blue Hill ME
Volkernick Christie Rumford ME
Vose Erin Milford ME
Waddell Evan Presque Isle ME
Wadsworth Ariana Thomaston ME
Wakeling Amanda Glenburn ME
Walczak Danielle Lee NH
Waldman Aaron York ME
Walker Maura West Bath ME
Walker Michael South Paris ME
Wallace Leslie Waldoboro ME
Wallace Rowan Sebago ME
Wallace Samuel Brentwood NH
Walsh Danielle Morrill ME
Walter Tess Winterport ME
Walther Kristen Harwich MA
Walton Emily Seal Harbor ME
Walton Isaac Glenburn ME
Wanning Lucy Blue Hill ME
Ward Bethany Charleston ME
Ward Jacob Hampden ME
Ward Keisha Milford ME
Wark Samantha Hermon ME
Warmuth Spencer Brewer ME
Warner Sarah Winthrop ME
Warner-Evans Hilary West Bath ME
Warr Gareth Stonington ME
Wasilewski Marcus Kulpmont PA
Watson Kimberlee Sanford ME
Watson Thomas Brunswick ME
Watts Sarah Bowdoin ME
Weaver Devin Essex Junction VT
Webb Ashleigh Maida Vale, WA
Webb Kayla Hampden ME
Weber Aaron Richmond VT
Webster Aubrey South Berwick ME
Webster Katie Richmond ME
Weeks Nathaniel Gilford NH
Weeks Saige Greenville Junction ME
Welch David Lyman ME
Werner Anna Bangor ME
Wessels Abigail Morrill ME
Westebbe Jennifer Center Rutland VT
Westman Shelby Berwick ME
Westra Peter North Yarmouth ME
Wezel Benedict Berlin Germany
Wheatley Sarah Orono ME
Wheaton Matthew Yarmouth ME
Wheeler Emily Newport VT
Wheeler Tiffany Lincoln ME
Wheelock Alexander Gardiner ME
Whitaker Emily Westport Island ME
Whitaker Jacob Barre VT
White Alexandra Topsham ME
White Carla Waldoboro ME
White Eric Brewer ME
White Lindsey Exeter NH
White Molly Brookton ME
White Rebecca Orono ME
White Zachary York ME
Whitehead Kai Bath ME
Whitney Joel Bangor ME
Whitten Hannah Bucksport ME
Whittier Jeffrey Camden ME
Whynot Dory Durham ME
Wicks Meredith Bangor ME
Wiegman Harrison Leeds ME
Wight Sadie Bucksport ME
Wilcox Kelly Warren ME
Wiley Mary Raymond ME
Wilkinson Rachel South Portland ME
Willey Nicholas Caribou ME
Williams Blaine Holden ME
Williams Kyle Bowdoinham ME
Williams Megan Manchester ME
Williams Melissa Shrewsbury MA
Wilson Andrew Sidney ME
Wilson Angela Orono ME
Wilson Emma Greenville ME
Wilson Gordon Freeport ME
Wilson Kassie Westbrook ME
Wilson Thomas Springvale ME
Winch Rogan Newburgh ME
Wing Bradley Skowhegan ME
Wingfield Dylan Brewer ME
Winstead Sean Lisbon Falls ME
Winters James Orono ME
Wirta Arno Cary Plt ME
Witick Anne Abbot ME
Wittman Rebecca Old Orchard Beach ME
Wold Eric Freeport ME
Wood Elizabeth Catlett VA
Wood Griffin Cornwall VT
Wood Jennifer Scarborough ME
Wood Matthew North Berwick ME
Wood Samantha Wells ME
Wood Stephanie Florence NJ
Woodruff Hannah Baileyville ME
Woods Jessica Farmingdale ME
Workman Shona Saco ME
Wormwood Avery Standish ME
Worster Loyann Bangor ME
Wright Elizabeth Mapleton ME
Wright Geena Pembroke MA
Wright Ian North Berwick ME
Wright Stephen Unity ME
Wyman Amy Harpswell ME
Wyman Benjamin Hampden ME
Wyngowski Mariah West Brookfield MA
Wyper William Philadelphia PA
Wypyski Kate Bangor ME
York Kacie Fort Fairfield ME
York Kelsie Orono ME
Young Aimee Bedford MA
Young Alec Cushing ME
Young Allison Charleston ME
Young Benjamin York ME
Young Molly North Yarmouth ME
Yu Anne Livingston NJ
Yuan Yi Shenyang 21 China
Zadakis Kara Greenwood ME
Zambrano Sadie Atkinson ME
Zebiak Richard Fairfield ME
Zepeda Adolfo Dover Foxcroft ME
Zhang Xinruo GuiLin 45 China
de Pinho Martins Coelho Victor Chicago IL
von Marschall Arthur Milford NH

Trustees Take Up UMaine Business

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

The Bangor Daily News reported that University of Maine System Board of Trustees on Jan. 28 approved a $3.2 million project to renovate Estabrooke Hall at the University of Maine and convert the dormitory to a new “collaborative and active learning classroom” and create space for the UMaine Honors College, the newspaper said. Trustees also heard a report about from Habib Dagher, director of the university’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center, about the progress of UMaine’s offshore wind turbine project.